Tracking ad performance has always been an important issue for both marketers and business owners. A correct assessment of the sources of calls will solve the question of the effectiveness of the advertising platform (offline or online). Thus, you can use the most relevant ad mechanisms and refuse less active ones. This will help you significantly save money and increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Efficiency of advertising campaigns after connecting a virtual phone number

  • first month + 25%
  • second – third + 50%
  • fourth – fifth + 75%

How to determine the effectiveness of advertising?

Recording of calls and orders is one of the possible ways. Do you place an advertisement on the Internet, on a radio, on TV and do not know which channel brought you the most money and which is vice versa at a loss works? The solution to tracking channel performance is a virtual phone number. Everything is simple. You install a separate virtual number which is multichannel, for each campaign. All the incoming calls are forwarded to the manager and it is easy to track them and to understand which source is more profitable.

A virtual number is a phone number that does not have a geographic reference and can work wherever it is by forwarding of the incoming phone calls. All calls received to the virtual number (landline or mobile number of the countries listed in your personal account) are forwarded to the phone number chosen by the client earlier or to SIP.

Key values to determine the effectiveness of advertising

  • Call conversion – which advertising source provides sales more often
  • Call source – where more calls come from, and where they don’t exist at all
  • Effectiveness of advertising on different platforms – Which of advertising platforms performs best
  • Providing interregional and international communications – to expand the list of customers. Phone numbers of more than 100 countries are available
  • Call recording, detailed call statistics

Phone numbers for advertising campaigns, promotions and other marketing activities

A large number of tools requiring registrations are often needed in marketing activities. If you do not plan to be buried under a mountain of spam letters and news (after all the manipulations) – disposable SMS numbers – this is exactly what you need. Sign up and fulfill your goals. All kinds of spam will not affect you, because number, having fulfilled its task, will cease to exist.

You can use disposable numbers for SMS verification for the following services:










Hostings (all)



Ninebot APP











and much more

  1. Sign up at HotTelecom website and buy SMS number
  2. Use the number while registering on social network needed
  3. Receive SMS with a verification code in your Personal account
  4. Confirm your registration on service