All SMS to Syria with alphanumeric or short code Sender IDs will be filtered by the operator. We are therefore changing the Sender ID to a random numeric and to “NXSMS” in order to minimise this filtering and improve delivery.

Because of the overall situation in the country, terminating messages to Syria is challenging for all providers and we will continue to monitor the situation and make changes where appropriate. Depending on your use case, you might consider a fall back option of using Text to Speech.


SenderID of all Taiwan networks will be changed to a local or HK number in order to avoid filtering. As general, concatenated SMS features are supported, also binary and unicode messages are supported.

Delivery Receipts are not guaranteed, and are not generated at a handset level, therefore not being a reliable measure of delivery.

Tanzania (Direct route)

Nexmo boasts direct connections with Tigo, Zantel and Vodacom Tanzania. Through them we can reach the other operators. Recent changes in regulation means that Sender IDs must be pre-registered. As a result, messages are delivered with either ‘SMS’ or ‘NXSMS’ as Sender ID.

DLRs are reliable and from the handset.

Thailand (Direct route)

Thailand is a very large and rapidly expanding SMS market and has many filters in place; direct connections are necessary in order ensure SMS delivery to all networks. Nexmo is happy to say that we are using multiple high-quality local direct connections into Thailand. We have adaptive routing in place, which combines several routes and chooses the best one to ensure your message is correctly delivered.

Handset delivery receipts are supported, as is delivery to ported numbers. No religious, political or adult content is allowed.

Our routes support dynamic alphanumeric Sender IDs on all networks except for AIS (52001) where messages may have their Sender ID changed to “NXSMS”. In addition, this network does not support the line feed character (“/n”).

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic Sender ID – Yes, except for AIS. Please reach out to account manager if you need dynamic sender on this network as well.
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes


Concatenated messages and unicode encoding are supported to all Tunisia networks.

Delivery receipts are received from the operator only, in asynchronous mode and so should not be used as a true measure of quality.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs will be overwritten to a random numeric value to ensure delivery.

Turkey (Direct route)

Turkey is one of the markets where SS7 does not work properly and can be expensive. Vodafone is filtering on alphanumeric sender and local numbers in national and international format…and keep changing the rules of its filter! Turkcell filters across the board and has imposed a very high interworking fees on SS7.

But Turkey is a market that can not be ignored! It is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in Europe with over 70m mobile phones.

With Nexmo local direct links, you can improve delivery and reduce cost. If you are sending sensitive content such as password delivery or important alerts then you will see your conversion ratio improved. Delivery receipts are from the handset.

All SMS will have the Sender ID changed to NXSMS, unless the Sender ID is pre-registered. If you are sending large volumes of traffic (at least 1 million SMS/month) to Turkey we can also pre-register your alpha Sender ID.

Please note that if you wish to send messages using Turkish accents (Ğ İ Ş ğ ı ş Ð Ý Þ ð ý þ), you will need to send your messages in unicode format, as Turkish accents are outside the GSM character set.

There are special rules for all marketing/advertising messages imposed by the Turkish Telecom Regulator, which must follow the below guidelines:

The short messages (SMS) will have to be prefaced with “REKLAM:” or “TANITIM:”, thus telling end-user know that he/she is receiving an advertising or promotional message.
The SMS should include URL address or company customer care number, informing the recipient of where he/she can find details of the promoted campaign / promotion.
The SMS shall end with a opt-out option (such as “To unsubscribe text CANCEL to xxxx”).
Example of an acceptable Promotional message:

TANITIM: [BRAND]’da %50’ye varan indirim başladı. Mağazalarımıza bekliyoruz. Çıkmak için NX[BRAND] yaz 3525’e gönder.

In this case, were the user to unsubscribe by sending “NX[BRAND]” to 3525, where BRAND is the sender of the advertising SMS, , the end-user would be receive the following MT confirmation in response (this response will be managed by Nexmo):

[BRAND] : Veritabanımızdan çıkma talebiniz 3 iş günü içerisinde işleme alınacaktır. Teşekkür ederiz.

(Translation:Your opt-out request will be processed within 3 working days. Thank you.)

UAE (Direct route)

As with many countries in the Middle East, messages to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are heavily filtered by carriers. In many cases, even legitimate application to person traffic is blocked and so cheap signalling/roaming links do not deliver well especially for high value content such as password delivery or alerts! Additionally, carriers in the UAE filter heavily non direct routes and in same cases send fake delivery receipts. You may think your message is being delivered, but it is not!

In order to get around this filtering, Nexmo uses our new Adaptive Routing to all networks in the UAE! This includes our new local direct connections, which means you will be able to bypass filters as well as improve delivery.

This direct connection includes handset delivery receipts, delivery to ported numbers and concatenated and unicode support. No religious, political or adult content is allowed. Please note that Sender ID will be replaced by an alpha sender or a random international numeric sender in order to ensure delivery.

UK (Direct route)

The UK is one of the largest and most complex mobile messaging markets in the world. Many filters are in place to block different types of traffic and cheap SS7 routes are extremely unstable, even on a short-term basis. A direct connection is necessary in order to ensure high delivery levels and a good price-quality ratio. Nexmo is using a direct connection to all UK networks!

This direct connection is fully featured including handset delivery receipts, dynamic sender ID and delivery to ported numbers.

Note that this does not include Jersey or Guernsey. Incidentally, these routes are also direct connections and high levels of deliverability are ensured also!

T-Mobile are filtering Sender IDs containing some symbols, including _ and

Blocked Number Ranges

Nexmo does not provide services towards the following Number Ranges for Voice or SMS:

Personal Numbers (+4470)

Premium Numbers (+449)


  • Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
  • SenderID – Fully Dynamic
  • Unicode – Yes
  • Concatenated Messages – Yes
Ukraine (Direct route)

Nexmo is pleased to advise that we are offering a direct, high-quality SMS delivery service to Ukraine (MCC=255).

Messages to Ukraine will be modified to a fixed Sender ID.

Supported Features

Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes

SenderID – Fixed

Unicode – Yes

Concatenated Messages – Yes

Uruguay (Direct route)

We are using local direct connections and Adaptive Routing in Uruguay. Sender IDs will be overwritten as follows:

74801 Antel – Mostly dynamic Sender ID, but will sometimes be overwritten to ensure delivery.

75807 Movistar – Overwritten by a local numeric Sender ID, most of the time.

74810 Claro – Mostly dynamic, but will sometimes be overwritten to ensure delivery.

Uruguay (Direct route)
USA (Direct route): Features & Restrictions

The USA and Canada both have very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary in order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks. Nexmo uses an extremely high-quality, direct connection in order to deliver your SMS to the USA and Canada!

All SMS sent to the US must originate from either a U.S. pre-approved long number or short code that is associated with your Nexmo account.

Using Nexmo, p2p (person-to-person) traffic may be sent using a Nexmo US (or Canadian) long virtual number. Long virtual numbers are available here if you do not already own one.

A2P (application-to-person) traffic, such as bulk notifications, must be sent to the US via short code (*Note that Sprint and T-Mobile are heavily blocking Short Code traffic). Nexmo has a number of pre-approved use-case short codes that can be used via our US short code API’s . (**Note that Nexmo US short codes cannot be used to send SMS to Canada or other countries) If none of our pre-approved short code use-cases are appropriate we can assist you in the application process for a dedicated short code.

While Google Voice numbers are reachable through Nexmo, we do not provide reach to other virtual number providers due to fraud prevention purposes. If you have any particular business case where you would like to be able reach virtual numbers, please contact our Support team with details about your use case.

Venezuela (Direct route)

Concatenated SMS and Unicode content to Venezuela networks are not well supported. Also, delivery receipts are not supported to all networks.

Sender ID will be overwritten as follows:

Digitel (73401) – “Canal”

Movistar (73404) – 27439

Movilnet (73406) – 27439 or a Local Long Number

Also note that Movilnet is terminated into the national P2P network, so during peak hours and especially Friday’s there may be periods of delayed delivery.

Vietnam (Direct route)

Delivery Receipts on Vietnam:

All Vietnam operators do not support handset Delivery Receipts. Some routes generate network Delivery Receipt, therefore a ‘positive DLR’ does not necessarily mean the message was received on the handset.

MobiFone Vietnam (45201)

  • This carrier is blocking alphanumeric Sender ID, shortcode and local numbers (in both domestic and international formats). Sender IDs on messages sent to MobiFone will be changed automatically into a numeric string in the format of an International format number to ensure delivery.

Vinaphone Vietnam (45202)

  • This carrier is blocking alphanumeric Sender ID, shortcode and local numbers (in both domestic and international formats). We recommend the use of international formatted numeric Sender ID to bypass the Vinaphone filter. Sender IDs on messages sent to Vinaphone will be changed automatically into a numeric string in the format of an International format number to ensure delivery.

Viettel Vietnam (45204)

  • This carrier is blocking numeric Sender ID, shortcode and local numbers (in both domestic and international formats). Sender IDs on messages sent to Viettel will be changed automatically into alpha Sender ID including “Verify”, or other form of generic Alpha Sender ID to ensure delivery.

Please note we have an alternative and higher quality route towards Vietnam, at a price higher than our default routing. This route allows to pre-register alpha Sender IDs, however it does not provide Delivery Receipts. Please ask your account manager about this if your traffic is above 1M sms per month and you are interested.


We are currently using a direct link to 28001 Cytamobile-Vodafone that does not return DLRs, so please do not rely on DLRs as delivery confirmation.

Yemen (Direct route)

Yemen Mobile (42103) and SabaFon (42101) are being delivered via a local direct connection. All Sender IDs will be replaced by a random numeric value and delivery receipts are fake.

All networks are filtering on local numeric Sender IDs, so we strongly advise you not to send using a local number.

Zambia (Direct route)

Zambia is a growing market for sms in Africa and is rapidly expanding. The operators are filtering cheap SS7 routes and are making it more and more difficult to get messages delivered. Only direct routes approved by the operator are ensuring message delivery. Nexmo is pleased to announce that we now have a direct route to all networks in Zambia via MTN Zambia!

This is now our default to all networks in Zambia (MCC=645). Sender ID is dynamic and delivery receipts are supported for Airtel (64501) but not for the other networks as yet, therefore DLR latency should not be used as an accurate measure of delivery time.

Zimbabwe (Direct route)

Nexmo is using a direct, high-quality route to reach all networks in Zimbabwe (MCC=648). Please note that this route supports concatenated messages, unicode and delivery receipts, although these are not provided for concatenated messages. Sender ID is dynamic but numeric senders must only have a maximum of 11 characters to ensure delivery.