Senegal (Direct route)

Nexmo is using a direct route into Senegal via Tigo and Orange.


  • Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
  • SenderID – Fully Dynamic
  • Unicode – Yes
  • Concatenated Messages – Yes

In order to avoid filtering, all messages to MTS Serbia (22003) with a numeric Sender ID will be replaced by “NXSMS”.


Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry was launched in Singapore on the 1st January 2014, for more information please see, published by the Singapore Telecommunications Authority.

A new law was recently introduced in Singapore which makes it illegal to advertise or promote money-lending services. The Singaporean authorities are aggressively pursuing any offenders. The details can be found in the link below:

Directions Moneylenders advertisements (PDF)

Handset delivery receipt and concatenated SMS are supported to all Singapore networks.

Sender ID is dynamic to all networks, however we are using Adaptive Routing throughout Singapore so sender may occasionally be overwritten to ensure delivery. Adaptive Routing will consistently test a number of routes and ensure the optimum one is selected to deliver your traffic.


Please note that Slovakia Tmobile (23102) does not support numeric Sender ID and all numeric senders will be overwritten with ‘SMS’ in order to ensure delivery.


Through our connection to Simobil, both alphanumeric and numeric Sender IDs will be received on the handset by all subscribers. Delivery receipts are from the handset.

Somalia (Direct route)

We use a high-quality direct route into Somalia Telecom (Hargeisa Telecom) 63701, but delivery receipts are not supported.

South Africa (Direct route)

South Africa is an extremely complex sms market and numerous filters are in place. A large amount of messages are being blocked and so Nexmo uses a direct connection to get around this heavy filtering and ensure messages are delivered!

This is a fully featured route and handset delivery receipts are supported, as is delivery to ported numbers. Unicode and binary messages are supported. Sender ID is changed to a local South African number in order to ensure delivery. No religious, political or adult content is allowed.

2-Way Reach Limitation

Due to local agreements, to receive SMS on your long virtual number, you will first need to send to the recipient from the long virtual number. This is a one-for-one system only. You will not be able to receive SMS from numbers you have not sent to, and they will be dropped by the local network.

South Korea

Nexmo is using Adaptive Routing in South Korea, through a selection of different high quality suppliers.

The following restrictions can be expected when sending to this destination country:

Sender ID

– Only numeric Sender IDs are allowed, and Alpha Sender IDs will be automatically replaced with a numeric senderID.

– Also, numeric sender IDs will start with prefix 006, 007 or 010, following the carrier requirements

Message content

Every message content will get automatically added either of the following text:

“[Web 발신]”


Message Length

The messages length is 140 bytes (160 characters in GSM-7 or 70 characters in Unicode), including the leading text (see “Message content” section above”).

Messages above 140 bytes will be split into separate parts.

Delivery Receipts

Delivery Receipts are provided, however they are not handset generated and only indicate that the network has received the message.

Content Restriction

Please aware illegal content (especially gambling and adult related content) is not allowed to all Korean networks.


Binary Messages are not supported, neither are Chinese Characters.

Spain (Direct route)

Our new direct route to Spain is fully featured, supported handset DLRs, unicode and concatenated messages. Messages with numeric Sender IDs may be delivered by an alternate route in order to ensure delivery.

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic SenderID – Fully dynamic
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes

Sri Lanka

Please note that for 41302 Dialog GSM, in order to bypass certain filters in Sri Lanka, Sender ID will be changed to a fixed alpha. This is to prevent messages being blocked and to ensure a high quality of delivery to all networks.

For the rest of the networks in Sri Lanka, Sender ID is dynamic


All SMS sent with numeric Sender ID’s to MTN Sudan (63402) and Zain (63401) will be blocked by the operator.

To overcome this:

– Any messages sent via Nexmo with numeric Sender ID’s will be automatically changed to “SMS” or “NXSMS”

– Any messages sent via Nexmo with alphanumeric Sender ID’s will remain unchanged and will deliver as normal.

Sweden (Direct route)

Sweden is one of the largest and most innovative mobile markets in the world. However, international routes are very often either blocked or extremely expensive. Nexmo can help you to deliver your sms to Sweden by offering high-quality direct routes.

Our routes into Sweden are all fully featured and support dynamic Sender ID, unicode, binary etc. Delivery receipts are also supported. We have extremely positive feedback for Sweden with reports of very high performance in latency, DLR and Success Ratio.

Switzerland (Direct route)
  • Handset delivery receipts

  • Support of ported numbers

  • Support of local timestamps

  • Dynamic and alphanumeric Sender ID’s