Delivery receipt of SMS to Pakistan networks are supported up to network level, therefore it is not handset delivery receipt. Concatenated and unicode SMS are supported.

Please aware that spam, political and/or adult content is not allowed.

Due to local regulations, Sender ID will be replaced to ensure delivery.

Palestine (Direct route)
p>Palestine is a notoriously difficult destination to deliver SMS due to heavy filtering by carriers. In many cases, even legitimate application to person (A2P) traffic is blocked and so cheap signalling/roaming links do not deliver well particularly for high value content such as password delivery or alerts. In order to get around this filtering, Nexmo uses a direct route to all networks in Palestine.

This direct connection features handset delivery receipts, delivery to ported numbers however the Sender ID may be modified to ensure delivery. No religious, political or adult content is allowed.


Telefonica Panama (BSC de Panama) (71402) is filtering in Shortcode sender. We recommend to use International format Numeric sender to bypass this.


All our routes into Paraguay do not support delivery receipts, any supplied are fake. Sender IDs are all overwritten to either a short code or a random numeric sender.

Peru (Direct route)

Peru is a growing market for mobile messaging and operator are making it more and more difficult to send via cheap routes. Successfully delivering sms to numbers in Peru is increasingly challenging and a direct route is required. Therefore to solve this problem Nexmo is pleased to announce that we now have a direct route to all networks in Peru which we are using in conjunction with our Adaptive Routing!

This is now our default to all networks in Peru (MCC=716) and many customers have already reported a massive increase in their delivery success. Delivery receipts are not supported but as a direct connection an extremely high delivery ratio is guaranteed.

As on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed.

Telfonica/Movistar (71606) – the Sender ID on all messages will generally changed to a local number to ensure delivery

Nextel (71607) – generally sender is dynamic but some senders will be overwritten to ensure delivery

Claro (71610) is filtering alphanumeric and national numeric Sender ID. All SMS sent with those senderIDs will not be delivered. We suggest using numeric Sender ID with international number format to reduce the risk of being filtered.

Philippines (Direct route)

The Philippines is a major growing sms market but one which has many problems associated with message delivery. Carriers are implementing more and more spam filters to prevent A2P traffic reaching their network via international SS7 routes and large amount of messages on these cheaper routes are being blocked. Additionally, spam filters often return fake delivery receipts and do not discriminate between spam and legitimate traffic.

Nexmo is pleased to announce that we are now using Adaptive Routing and a direct connection via Globe to all networks in the Philippines! This is a high-quality, stable route which will help to guarantee message delivery in the Philippines.

Sender ID: please note that generally all Sender IDs are overwritten by “NXSMS” to ensure delivery.

If your SMS volumes exceed 1 million SMS per month, you can register Alphanumeric Sender IDs through us by contacting your account manager.
Delivery receipts: Handset delivery receipts are not available.

Supported content and encoding: Unicode is not supported on any Philippines network.

There are also a number of restrictions concerning supported characters. The officially supported ones are:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz % & ‘ ( ) * + – . / : ; ! ” # < = > ? $ @ 0123456789

Restricted content: The following types of traffic are not allowed, and are considered spam:
Adult Content – any advertisement promoting nudity/profanity/violent
Alcohol – any advertisement promoting alcohol
Drugs – any advertisement promoting the use of drugs and other illegal substance
Gambling – any advertisement promoting gambling
Election – any advertisement promoting a candidate for elections
Tobacco – any advertisement promoting the use of tobacco

Commercial and promotional advertisement, surveys and other broadcast/push messages shall be sent only to subscribers who have prior consent or have specifically opted-in to receive messages.

Summary of Supported Features
Handset delivery receipts – No

Dynamic Sender ID – No , default senderID will be forced to NXSMS
Unicode – No

Concatenated Messages – Yes, maximum 3 parts are supported
Poland (Direct route)

Polish operators have shut down most of the SS7 connections, however, they do allow A2P to come in at a lower price level than P2P traffic. Today Nexmo is able to deliver messages via a local connection.

Alpha Sender ID is dynamic. All numeric senders will be overwritten by “SMS” to ensure delivery. As well as the usual ‘no spam’ policy, our partner has provided some additional info on blocked content:

– Sender IDs that contain the operator name (ie, “Orange”, “Play” etc) and sensitive Sender IDs (such as “Police”) will be blocked completely.
– Messages with ads of Premium Rate services in content will be rejected, Messages that contain premium numbers and shortcodes in the body of the message will be blocked as messages related to Premium Services are not allowed to be to sent via A2P connections.
– Messages with betting odds will be rejected

– Concatenated/long messages are supported. However all Sender IDs will be overwritten with NXSMS for these messages, in order to ensure delivery

Portugal (Direct route)

Portuguese operators are shutting down more and more cheap SS7 routes and a stable, direct route is now necessary to ensure sms deliverability. Nexmo is offering a local direct route into all networks in Portugal!

This direct connection to Portugal is fully featured including handset delivery receipts, dynamic Sender ID and delivery to ported numbers.

Portuguese Carriers do not allow Shortcode Senders. We strongly recommend the use of Numeric Senders in International format or Alphanumeric Senders for all traffic to Portugal to bypass this blocking.

Please note that operators are now filtering on Russian numeric senders throughout Portugal. We therefore strongly advise against using any Russian senders into Portugal as messages are extremely likely to be filtered.

Update February 27th 2014:

Please be advised that Sender ID’s listed below have been blocked locally, therefore any messages sent using these Sender ID’s will likely be blocked.

If you have a valid contract to use any of the Sender ID’s listed below, please contact our help desk and we will work with our suppliers to assist.

  • Vodafone
  • vodafone
  • MEO
  • meo
  • Meo
  • optimus
  • Optimus
  • ZON
  • zon
  • Zon
  • Ptelecom
  • PT
  • TMN
  • tmn
  • Tmn
  • CavacoSilva
  • v0daf0ne
  • V0daf0ne
  • V0DAF0NE
  • Me0
  • ME0
  • me0
  • 0ptimus
  • z0n
  • Z0N
  • Z0n
  • Ptelec0m
  • PTelec0m
  • PJ
  • Mpublico
  • MPublico
  • Mpublic0
  • PSP
Qatar (Direct route)

As with many destinations in the Middle East, Qatar is a challenging market to deliver messages to. Many filters are in place to block SMS and even legitimate A2P traffic is very often blocked. To prevent filtering, Nexmo have a direct route into Qatar Qtel (42701). This will prevent filtering and assure a high quality of SMS delivery.

Delivery reports should not be expected and the lack of delivery receipts does not indicate delivery failure. Sender ID will be changed to “NXSMS”. You can apply to register your own alpha Sender ID for use to Qtel only if you are sending volumes of 1 million SMS a month or more. Please get in touch with via [email protected] or your contact your account manager.

Note that as on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed and generic Sender ID (such as “SMS” or “Message”) will be rejected. For Vodafone Qatar (42702), Sender ID can not yet be registered and will be overwritten by a shortcode.


Carriers in Romania filter heavily non direct routes and impose high termination fees. As a result, current alternatives in the market have low delivery ratio and are expensive.

Nexmo is connected directly with Cosmote and for this network we can delivery Alpha and Numeric Sender IDs. We send Vodafone messages through another Vodafone entity and again can pass Alpha and Numeric Sender IDs

Orange requires all traffic to be submitted through a shortcode. All messages to Orange subscribers will have the Sender ID changed to ‘1756’

Note that anti-spam measures in local direct connections to Romania Networks do not permit sending duplicated SMS (same source AND destination AND content) within 5mins. This does not apply to parts of the same concatenated SMS and concatenated messages are delivered.

In addition local carriers don’t allow person to person traffic. Only pure A2P traffic is allowed, for example: marketing campaigns, promotions, banking and financial traffic, authentication traffic, different service alerts. Orange requires that customers insert identification information in the body of the message, such as a valid email address, website or contact phone number.

Russia (Direct route)

Nexmos Local Direct connection is now live for Russia. This covers all Russian networks (under MCC 250), but excludes Kazakhstan and Abkazia.

Russia is an extremely large SMS market and filters are in place, in many cases even legitimate A2P traffic is blocked and so cheap signalling/roaming links do not deliver well and using a direct connection is imperative.

Please note that social invites are forbidden by the operators and so any traffic of this type is unlikely to be delivered.

Also, operators may block message that contains an URL. Those messages are classified as spam and viruses sending.

As of November 1 2013, the Russian carriers are filtering traffic with numeric and shortcode Sender ID’s. Due to this filtering by Russian carriers numeric senders will be overwritten by ‘NXSMS’ or ‘NexmoSMS’ to ensure delivery into these networks.

Alpha senders can be preregistered if your traffic volumes are above 1M SMS per month, please get in touch with your Account Manager or email [email protected] to set this up.

We are using Adaptive Routing throughout Russia which will ensure several routes are constantly being tested and the optimum one will be used for your traffic. Therefore occasionally your traffic will be sent over non-direct backup routes to ensure delivery at times when this is causing issues.

Rwanda (Direct route)

Nexmo is using a direct route into Rwanda via MTN Rwanda. The route is fully featured, all Sender IDs are allowed and delivery receipts are from the handset.

Saudi Arabia (Direct route)

Networks in Saudi Arabia have implemented very complex spam filters that in most cases block even legitimate application to person traffic. Therefore, cheap signalling/roaming links does not deliver well especially for high value content such as password delivery or alerts, let alone marketing bulk traffic! Additionally all the routes in Saudi are unstable due local issues so relying on one route is not possible.

Nexmo has therefore created a dynamic routing in Saudi Arabia, which combines several routes and chooses the best one to ensure your message is delivered.

No religious, political or adult content is allowed.

Numeric Senders of more than 11 digits will be blocked.

Sender IDs will vary but generally:

Al Jawal (42001) all senders will be overwritten with MEMO to ensure quality

Mobility (42003) all senders will be overwritten with MEMO to ensure quality

Zain (42004) all senders will be overwritten with MEMO to ensure quality

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – No
Dynamic SenderID – No
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – No