p>Monaco Telecom (21201) is filtering in Alphanumeric and Shortcode Sender. We suggest to use International format Numeric Sender to by-pass Monaco Telecom filtering.

SMS of SenderID of all Mongolia networks will be changed to international number in order to avoid filtering.
Delivery receipts are supported up to network level, handset delivery receipts are not supported.
Unicode and concatenated messages are supported to all Mongolia networks.
Reliable handset delivery receipts – No
Dynamic SenderID – No
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes
Morocco (Direct route)

Nexmo’s route into Morocco is a local direct and supports real Delivery Receipts.

The Moroccan Networks currently require all sender IDs to be replaced with a fixed sender, we will generally use ‘NXSMS’. You can use any sender you wish but it will be overwritten to this fixed in order to ensure delivery.


All networks in Mozambique are filtering alphanumeric sender IDs. We recommend using a numeric sender ID to bypass this filter.

All alpha senders to Mozambique Movitel (64303) are being changed to a long number to ensure delivery


Myanmar has always been one of the trickiest countries to reach via sms and most routes are unable to deliver any messages at all. Therefore Nexmo is very pleased to announce that we can now deliver sms throughout Myanmar with high quality!

As we use Adaptive Routing, two out of three selected route supporting Real delivery receipt, and the senderID can be replaced by a local / international numeric senderID.

Messages will be priced at 0.08€ per sms to all networks (MCC=414)

Namibia (Direct route)

Please note that all sendersIDs to Namibia (MCC=649) are currently being changed to a local shortcode. This is to avoid filtering which is extremely regular in Namibia, and ensure message delivery.


Please note that social invites are not allowed in Nepal. Any such traffic is being blocked by the operators and may result in all of your traffic into Nepal being completely blocked.

Netherlands (Direct route)

Our route to the Netherlands is direct and fully featured. Unicode, concatenated and ported messages are all supported, as are handset DLRs.

Restrictions to +316*** virtual numbers (inbound SMS)

The ACM (Consumer and Markets regulator) has decided that 06xxx numbers in the Netherlands must be attached to a mobile device. They do not consider tablets to be mobile devices either. They expect A2P type of use cases to be using the 097xx number range which was created to M2M. This range is not commercially ready due to poor oversight and lack of co-operation between the Carriers.

Nexmo is offering 06 numbers, however there is a risk that the service could be discontinued for those with numbers that are NOT attached to Mobile devices. There is also a risk that the regulator will ask our Carrier to stop offering the service for both Voice and SMS.

This does not apply to our Voice only offerings.

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic SenderID – Fully dynamic
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes

Niger (Direct route)

In the past signalling connectivity in Niger has been very patchy leading to problems with sms deliverability. To solve this problem, Nexmo is now offering a direct, high-quality SMS delivery service to Niger (MCC=614). Pricing for all messages into Niger is now €0.05 per SMS to all networks. This route is fully featured: delivery reports will be supported and sender ID is dynamic. Note that as on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed.

New Zealand (Direct route)

Nexmo uses international gateways to reach New Zealand, and as such the message Sender IDs might change to random long virtual numbers to ensure delivery.

If your traffic content is purely transactional, we can help to register it through our direct connections as well. Sender IDs will be replaced here with a local shortcode. This connection supports handset Delivery Receipts and concatenated SMS.

Please note that social invites are not allowed when sending SMS traffic to New Zealand.

Nigeria (Direct route)

Messages that originate from a Nigerian Number are very likely to be blocked. The networks have stated that they prefer to receive with an Alpha Sender. Although we have not yet seen any problems sending from an international number, we do advise to use an Alpha Sender in the FROM field.

Our direct connection with Etisalat (62160) supports only alpha senders, all numeric senders will be overwritten with “NXSMS”.

Our direct connection to Airtel (62120) support dynamic senders.

Our direct connection with MTN (62130) supports only alpha senders, all numeric senders will be overwritten with “NXSMS”.

Our connection to Glo (62150) support dynamic alpha senders, however there are chances that the alpha Sender ID would be replaced to ensure delivery.

Delivery to CDMA networks in Nigeria is not officially supported:

Messages sent to CDMA operator Starcomms Nigeria will not return Delivery Receipts, but only acknowledgment of message reception (submit_sm_resp) by the carrier. Furthermore, if a number lookup is performed will appear as being roaming outside Nigeria.

CDMA operator Visafone Nigeria (62125) does not provide Delivery Receipts. You should not expect Final status notifications for messages to this Operator.

Norway (Direct route)

Norway is an important and very developed destination for sms delivery. Carriers are actively blocking cheap SS7 routes. Nexmo uses direct routes to all networks in Norway.

This is a high-quality, fully-featured route which supports handset delivery receipts and dynamic Sender ID.

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic SenderID – Fully dynamic
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes

Oman (Direct route)

As with many destinations in the Middle East, Oman is a difficult market to deliver messages to. Numerous filters are in place to block SMS and even legitimate A2P traffic can often blocked. To prevent filtering, Nexmo is pleased to inform you that we have a direct route into all networks in Oman (MCC=422).

This is a high-quality route which supports handset delivery receipts. Please notice that Sender ID will be forced to MAC or NXSMS to ensure delivery.

Additionally we strongly advise you not to send messages using Arabic characters as operators often cannot deliver them. We would recommend that you send using standard GSM8 in the body of your messages and avoid using Unicode.