All networks in Kuwait are now filtering messages. In order to bypass filtering, all alpha sender IDs will be changed to a random international sender.

Additionally, if you are using your own international numeric senderID and sending any volumes of SMS to this carrier you will also need to rotate senderID’s to avoid filtering.

As of 13/4/15 we are using Adaptive Routing in Kuwait so your message could be set over one of several routes we have, depending on which one is currently the best quality. Therefore you should not expect DLRs to be consistent, most of them will be missing as many carriers in Kuwait do not support handset DLRs.


DLRs are unreliable in Laos and should not be used as a measure of quality.

We are using Adaptive Routing throughout Laos so that your traffic will go over the best possible quality route.

Reliable handset delivery receipts – No
Dynamic SenderID – Yes
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes

Latvia (Direct route)

Getting an SMS into Latvia can be tricky and expensive to some of the networks. Nexmo is using a local partner with direct connections which allows us to lower our pricing and ensure a high level of deliverability!

Messages with the same content, and sent to the same number within 5 minutes will be blocked by Latvian networks SPAM filters.

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic SenderID – Dynamic alpha
Unicode – Yes
Concatenated Messages – Yes

Lebanon (Direct route)

Our routes to Lebanese operators are fully featured including portability support and handset delivery confirmation. Political, religious and adult content is not allowed.

Currently, as per new regulations from the Ministry of Telecoms and Operators in Lebanon, any numeric senderIDs are being blocked so in order to get around this we are replacing any non-alpha senderIDs with “SMS” or “NXSMS”.

Lithuania (Direct route)

Lithuania has mostly fully featured routes, with the exception of the network 24602 Bite Lietuva UAB whose operator blocks international numeric Sender IDs for fraud prevention and only permits pre-registered alpha Sender IDs.

All numeric Sender IDs to handsets on 24602 Bite Lietuva UAB will be changed to NXSMS which we have already pre-registered for you to ensure delivery.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to pre-register your own alpha Sender ID for use on this network.

Supported Features

Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes

SenderID – Fully Dynamic except 24602 which is Alpha only

Unicode – Yes

Concatenated Messages – Yes


For below networks, dynamic Sender ID , handset delivery receipts, concatenated and Unicode SMS are supported:

45500 SmarTone

45501 CTM

45503 Hutchison

For SMS to 45502 China Telecom, handset delivery receipts and dynamic Sender ID are NOT supported, Sender ID will be changed be to numeric Sender ID with prefix start with +1065 to ensure delivery. Meanwhile, concatenated and Unicode content are supported to this network.


VIP Macedonia (29403) and ONE (29402) are filtering messages with alphanumeric and shortcode Sender IDs. We suggest using an international format numeric Sender ID to bypass this filtering.


Orange Madagascar (64602) is filtering heavily in Sender ID, Alphanumeric Senders will be blocked and also some Numeric in International format such as: 47xxxxxx, 44xxxxxxxx, 22xxxxxx and most likely other senders as well.

We recommend to always test before switching live traffic.

Malawi (Direct route)

Nexmo is directly connected with both TNM and Airtel Malawi. We can reach all subscribers through both operators. Airtel has a restriction around sender IDs and as the two binds are not the most stable due to local ISP issues, we will change the sender ID to SMS. We have failover logic so that if a connection to one of the operators is down, we automatically failover to the other Carrier. 

Malaysia (Direct route)

Malaysia is a major SMS market which is continuing to grow in size. Along with this growth however, many problems are arising. Carriers in Malaysia are implementing more and more spam filters to prevent A2P traffic reaching their network via international SS7 routes. Spam filters can sometimes return in fake delivery receipts and don’t discriminate between spam and legitimate traffic. Therefore, you THINK that the route is working fine when it is not, in reality a large amount of messages on cheap signaling routes are being blocked. Therefore Nexmo is pleased to announce that we are now using a direct connection to all networks in Malaysia.

This will improve the “real” delivery ratio and allow sensitive applications such as financial alerts and password delivery to reach the phone. It is a high-quality, stable route which will help to guarantee message delivery in Malaysia.

  • Our routes into Malaysia (MCC=502) can support unicode and binary.
  • Concatenated messages are supported to all networks except DiGi (502 16)
  • Sender IDs are all overwritten with a random Malaysian number or occasionally a shortcode
  • Delivery receipts are network receipts and not handset ones and therefore should not be taken as an accurate measure of delivery
  • Please note that “RM 0.00 ” (with a space after the last 0) may be added to message bodies. This is done to inform end users that they were not charged to receive this message. If you have not added this to your message body, the operator will automatically add it and may compromise the maximum length of your SMS.


Malitel Mali (61001) is filtering in Alphanumeric and Shortcode Sender. We suggest to use International format Numeric Sender to by-pass Malitel filter.

Malta (Direct route)

Nexmo is directly connected to Vodafone Malta, this is a high quality, fully-featured direct route. All messages will be priced at 0.025€.

Mexico (Direct route)

Mexico’s subscriber base of over 100 million makes it one of the largest mobile markets in the world, and up until now one of the most difficult to reach, due to local operators actively blocking international routes. Thanks to Nexmo’s new local carrier links, you can now deliver messages to all Mexican subscribers.

All senders will be replaced with a random numeric sender, a shortcode, or a fixed Sender ID defined by the operators. These restrictions do not apply when sending using a Mexican virtual number, which you can add to your account from your Nexmo dashboard.

Binary messages are not supported. Maximum message length is 160 characters and all characters further to this will be truncated.

Concatenated messages are not supported towards Iusacell numbers

Delivery receipts are supported on some suppliers but are still unreliable and are not available on others.

Content of adult, religious, or political nature is strictly forbidden. Through the direct connection, marketing messages are not allowed. The Carrier will raise a spam complaint if they see a burst of messages with the same content – even if the use case is clean, such as a notification. To avoid this we recommend to personalise the SMS where possible and to avoid sending in batches. Additionally, social invites are forbidden by operators so this makes it extremely difficult to deliver them.

2 way SMS in Mexico:

Please be advised that if you are using Nexmo LVN’s to implement 2 way SMS in Mexico:

Mobile users in Mexico often add an additional “1” to their number after the country code, i.e. 5218180264283 when signing up for an application/service.

The partner we work with to provide 2-way messaging functionality will automatically remove the additional “1” from the number, as if you attempt to reply to the user who has provided a phone number with an additional “1” contained within it, the message will fail.

N.B: Numbers which include the additional “1” and which do not contain an additional “1” are both valid in Mexico, but the “1” should technically be solely used when you dial another handset for a voice call, hence the additional digit is stripped for the purpose of SMS.