Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC Mobil) (27601) filters for alphanumeric sender IDs. We recommend using a numeric Sender ID that does not start with a 0 to bypass the AMC Mobil filter.

Algeria (Direct route)

Algeria Mobilis (60301) we have a local direct route and all senders may be overwritten. If you have large volumes please get in touch with your Account Manager and we can register your sender

Algeria Djezzy (60302) we are using SS7 routes to ensure delivery. Local (i.e. Algerian domestic) and alphanumeric Sender IDs are filtered. To bypass this filter we will overwrite all senders with a random non-local number

Algeria Nedjma (60303) alpha senders are only supported. All numeric senders are overwritten to “NXSMS” to ensure delivery

Angola (Direct route)

We are using a local direct route for all SMS into Angola (MCC=631)

Concatenated and unicode-encoded messages are supported and DLRs are reliable. Alpha Sender IDs are dynamic but all numeric senders will be changed to “NXSMS” to ensure delivery

The price is 0.03€ per sms

Australia (Direct route)

Australia is an extremely complex SMS market and numerous filters are in place. SS7 networks are gradually all being shut down and a stable, direct connection is essential to ensure sms delivery.

This is a fully featured route and delivery to ported numbers is supported. Sender ID is dynamic.

Telstra Australia (50501): delivery receipts are network-only receipts. For all other networks, standard handset delivery receipts are to be expected.

Optus Australia (50502): concatenated SMS (SMS longer than 160 characters and 70 unicode characters) are not supported. All other networks support concatenated SMS.

Austria (Direct route)

Our direct link to Austria is fully-featured, including:

  • Alpha Sender ID
  • Supports concatenated messages
  • Supports local time stamps
  • supports ported number delivery
  • handset delivery receipts

Most networks are filtering numeric Sender ID. Please use an alphanumeric Sender ID, such as your brand name; or this will be changed to NXSMS.


For Nar Mobile (40004) and Bakcell (40002) all numeric senders will be overwritten by “NXSMS”

For Azercell (40001) the Sender ID may be overwritten to ensure delivery.

This is to avoid filtering and ensure delivery to all networks.

Bahrain (Direct route)

Messages to all networks in Bahrain (MCC=426) are being sent over our Adaptive Routing. Therefore much of the time a direct link will be used but we also have backup routes for when this is not high-quality. The direct route is fully featured, supports DLRs and dynamic Sender ID but the alternative routes may overwrite senders.

As always, political, religious or adult content is likely to be blocked by the Bahraini operators.

Additionally operator names such as “Zain”, “Viva” and “Batelco” are blocked by the operators as an anti-spam measure. Please ensure that your messages do not contain any of these works or they will not be delivered.


All Sender IDs in messages sent to Bangladesh Citycell (47005) will be changed to a local Number (in international format) to ensure message delivery, as the network is heavily filtering on Sender IDs.

For all other networks alphanumeric senders are supported but numeric senders maybe changed to a local numeric

Additionally please note that DLRs are fake and are should not be taken as a true reflection of delivery quality. The networks are also heavily filtering on spam and keywords such as “police” will block messages from being delivered.


This is a fully-featured route which supports handset delivery receipts and dynamic Sender ID and will prevent any messages from being blocked or filtered by the operators.

25701 VELCOM (Globalstar) does not however support handset DLRs and overwrites all alpha senders with ‘INFO’ to ensure delivery. We would therefore recommend to use numeric senders when sending to Belarus.

Belgium (Direct route)

The Belgian networks filter heavily and place restrictions on international routes and even on direct connections. Nexmo is pleased to launch a solution which utilises both international routes and direct routes to allow more features than one single option.

Using the Nexmo local connection, the following are supported. Sender ID will be modified to ensure delivery.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Please note that no P2P (Person-to-Person) messages are allowed over our route to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

All numeric senders to BH Telecom (21890) will have their sender modified to NXSMS. This is because due to operator regulations, only alpha numeric senders are allowed.

Botswana (Direct route)

In order to ensure delivery, all messages into Botswana will have their Sender ID changed to NXSMS.

Brazil (Direct route)

Brazil is a massive market and has always been problematic with regards to SMS delivery. Carriers either blocks international SMS or simply don’t support them. We’ve tried many solutions including SS7. Nothing works well and is stable over time.

Nexmo’s local direct links to Brazil will improve delivery and provide a stable alternative to the current existing routes. We are using Adaptive Routing in Brazil so alternate backup routes are often used to ensure stability and delivery uptime.

Restrictions and functions are as follows:

  • Delivery receipts are provided for all networks except 72416 TNL/Oi, however they are network receipts instead of handset receipts.

  • Binary messages are not supported

  • Concatenated messages are sometimes supported, but not guaranteed
  • Maximum size of a message is 157 Characters. The Nexmo platform will make sure to break the message into as many parts as necessary if you exceed this maximum. You will be charged per 157 increment.

  • Sender ID is changed to a fixed shortcode such as 28908 or a local number

  • Marketing, political and religious content is not allowed

Number formatting for Brazil: (Country Code =55), (2 Digits for Area Code), (8 or 9 Digits for the number). Please note that area codes 25 and 26 are considered “reserved” and hence not have subscribers in them.

Mobile numbers can therefore only have the following format: +55 XX 9XXXX XXXX (country code + area code + subscriber number 9 digits)

Note that landlines are being converted to mobile numbers all the time, due to limitations in mobile numbering plan. The porting information gets updated only once per month so there may be some delay.

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts – No
Dynamic Sender ID – No
Unicode – No
Concatenated Messages – No


Our routes to Brunei are fully-featured, including support for:

  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Concatenated messages
  • Handset DLRs
  • Unicode