Sweden Virtual Phone Numbers

A direct Swedish phone number will make your communication with your friends, clients, and partners in this country easy and cheap. To connect such a virtual number, you do not need to be in Sweden or buy a local SIM card. Modern Internet technologies have made telephone communication more accessible and functional. You can rent a digital phone from the selected region at the most remote point on the planet. And get reliable telephony with the ability to receive calls and messages on various technical devices.

What do new technologies in the area of telephone communication offer?

The principle of operation of innovative telephony is based on the transmission of digital data over the Internet. And further automatic redirection to the selected user device. A special digital phone or a stationary device can be used as a receiving gadget. As well as a smartphone or computer device with an installed application for creating a SIP account.

Due to the worldwide network, anyone can buy a Swedish number or a phone number from another country. Advanced technologies provide a virtual stay for the owner of the service on its territory. And they allow local users to call at their usual local rates. Cloud telephony is a unique opportunity to organize a remote office, customer service center, conduct an advertising campaign, etc.

Thus, Swedish virtual numbers have the following advantages:

  • fast and comfortable online connection;
  • mobility and operation in any place with access to the Internet;
  • reliable signal protection by special security protocols;
  • multifunctionality for simple and effective communication;
  • maintaining the privacy of the user’s personal phone.

With the connection of the cloud service, you can completely forget about roaming and large bills for international calls. The call and message routing settings are set by the owner of the virtual number in the personal account on the site. To optimize costs, it is recommended that you set up call acceptance on a SIP device. In addition, it can be useful to bind the forwarding direction to days of the week or time of day. This will make it possible not to miss any important contact.


Your business transaction needs no limit. So here in Hottelecom, we give you the freedom to receive calls to your contact numbers from any places in the world, which means you can connect to a Sweden landline number regardless of your location. Also, you can connect to a mobile Sweden phone number and receive text messages as well. If you are an entrepreneur working from home, you would surely benefit if you purchase our virtual phone number since you can route all your office calls to a home line, thus maintaining your privacy at all times.

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Frequently asked questions about Sweden phone numbers

You can provide call redirection to the SIP account, Telegram account, or your mobile phone number.

Yes, we will provide a SIP account for you. You can request it in the “SIP settings” section.

Unfortunately, no. These numbers are only for calls and can not be suitable for registration.

If you want a number for registration, you need to choose a number with the label “for registration” in the “SMS” tab.

Usually, numbers are activated within 1-2 days.

Yes, you can pay for all our services in cryptocurrency. All our payment methods you can check in your personal account.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

Sweden Virtual Phone Numbers - HotTelecom

How can rent a Swedish virtual number be useful?

This digital service is used for a variety of purposes. It helps to communicate comfortably with friends, relatives, and acquaintances living in Sweden. It can become an effective tool for promoting business in the local market. And convenient telephone communication for organizing a call center or other customer service. The Swedish number is indispensable for preliminary market analysis, promotional activities, user surveys, etc.

The famous Scandinavian country is popular among both tourists and entrepreneurs. It is known for its picturesque nature, historical sights, large-scale festivals, and delicious cuisine. The state with a population of over 10 million people is located in the north of Europe, on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Purchasing power parity per capita accounts for more than 55 thousand US dollars. A high volume of GDP indicates a developed economy of the country, which, combined with “working” laws, creates a favorable environment for business. No wonder many Swedish companies have gained international fame – Ericsson AB, AGA, Alfa Laval Group, SKF, IKEA, Dino Nobel, and others.

The digital service is no different from a regular phone, so callers will assume that they are communicating with their compatriots. This will build their trust and increase loyalty to the company. When working with Sweden, 800 Toll-Free phone numbers with free incoming calls will help you organize effective customer service. Due to multiple lines, operators will be able to receive calls from several callers at the same time.
Virtual PBX is characterized by wide functionality. In addition to free incoming calls, a voice greeting, an interactive menu, call statistics, white and black lists, and other useful options are available. +46 virtual number makes it possible to rationally distribute calls to relevant specialists and monitor the quality of their work.

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How to buy a Sweden virtual number in a couple of clicks?

To buy Swedish numbers, you should use a simple algorithm. While doing it online without leaving your own home.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. On the https://hottelecom.biz/ website, click “Register” and fill out a simple form with all the requested data. HotTelecom customers need to select “Login” and access a personal account via e-mail and password.
  2. New users of the service must read the user agreement and agree to the processing of personal data.
  3. Find the necessary service and replenish the balance of your personal account in any convenient way for the cost of connecting the cloud number and at least one month of rent.
  4. Choose a suitable Swedish phone number, set the direction of the call and SMS forwarding, check the specified data, and order the service.
  5. Wait for confirmation of the connection of the digital service, which will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration.

The activation of the service is carried out as soon as possible – in most cases within a day after the application is submitted.

You can buy a Swedish phone number for personal and business purposes. It is suitable for registering on local resources, chatting with friends, searching for a job, posting ads on local resources, and many other purposes.

Using Internet telephony, you will not feel any changes in telephone communication when crossing the border. After all, communication tariffs remain constant anywhere in the world.

And they solely depend on the receiving device. So, using a SIP account makes it possible to communicate completely free of charge.

Receive calls from Sweden - HotTelecom

Why is it worth taking advantage of Hottelecom’s offer?

The choice of a communication service provider determines the reliability of telephone communications, the security of information, and the personal data of users. Therefore, numerous experts recommend evaluating the company’s experience in the market and customer reviews. Hottelecom started providing telephony services back in 2009 and since then over 11,000 users from all over the world have used our services. During our work, we have gained experience in interacting with both private clients with small tasks, as well as with large companies and large-scale projects.

Today we offer a full range of VoIP services and virtual numbers in over 90 countries of the world. You can rent a one-time service for registering on the site and connect a multifunctional virtual PBX for calls, SMS, and faxes. The opportunity to buy a +46 number ensures comfortable communication with the Swedes and guests of this northern region. Low rates and instant forwarding to any device make international communication simple and convenient.

The clear interface of the site is designed for the use of Internet telephony even by beginners in the network. Any issues that arise are promptly resolved by technical support 24/7.

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