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Modern technologies make it possible to become more accessible to residents of the country of interest. Today, comfortable private and corporate communication does not require a physical presence in the territory of the desired region. Virtual Numbers allows you to buy numbers of Norway and other countries of the world far beyond their borders. And it is convenient to receive calls and messages on any suitable device without excessive financial costs and reference to the area.

What is VoIP?

Today, VoIP is the optimal solution for communication with relatives, friends, customers, and partners. The technology is based on the transmission of digital data over the Internet in real-time. Due to the placement of a cloud-based PBX on the provider’s side, the user does not have to spend money on the purchase of special equipment or line maintenance.

Subscriber number connection is made online in the shortest possible time. And for its work, you only need a stable Internet connection and a compatible technical device to receive the signal. Call forwarding can be done to the following gadgets:

  • special IP phone;
  • landline or mobile phone;
  • smartphone or computer device via SIP protocol.

VoIP technology consists in converting an analog signal into a digital format, sending it to the desired subscriber, and decoding the data for reception in the usual voice form. In this case, the Norwegian virtual number can look like a regular landline or mobile phone. Such a subscriber number turns all calls within the country into internal ones, regardless of the location of its owner. And it allows significantly reduces the cost of international communication.

The lack of geo-referencing and flexible call and message forwarding settings allows you to communicate effectively both in the office and while traveling. At the same time, all the established contacts and high signal quality anywhere in the world with access to the Internet are retained. Virtual telephony is a modern business tool that sets a high level of customer service and communication in the company. To do this, the technology provides many additional useful features that are indispensable for call centers, support services, advertising campaigns, etc.

Akershus$25$17+47 64Buy now
Aust-Agder$25$17+47 37Buy now
Buskerud$25$17+47 31Buy now
Finnmark$25$17+47 78Buy now
Hedmark$25$17+47 62Buy now
Hordaland$25$17+47 56Buy now
Hordaland$25$17+47 53Buy now
More Og Romsdal$25$17+47 70Buy now
Nordland$25$17+47 75Buy now
Oppland$25$17+47 61Buy now
Oslo$25$17+47 21Buy now
Ostfold$25$17+47 69Buy now
Rogaland$25$17+47 51Buy now
Sogn Og Fjordane$25$17+47 57Buy now
Telemark$25$17+47 35Buy now
Troms$25$17+47 77Buy now
Trondelag$25$17+47 73Buy now
Vest-Agder$25$17+47 38Buy now
Vestfold$25$17+47 33Buy now

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Frequently asked questions about Norway phone numbers

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No. These numbers are for calls only

Once you have purchased virtual number,
it is assigned to you and will remain so throughout the entire period of paying a subscription fee

You can set up your incoming calls forwarded to your personal phone number, work phone number or SIP.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

Norway Virtual Phone Number - HotTelecom

What virtual numbers are useful for business?

Virtual Norwegian number allows you to use the following additional features:

  • Multichannelling. Effective customer service requires a qualified and prompt response to the call. A long wait for a response negatively affects the company’s image and can lead to the loss of a potential client.
  • Voice menu. A pre-recorded voice script makes it easier for subscribers to navigate, helping to immediately transfer the call to the right specialist. It also optimizes the workload of operators and provides fast dialing.
  • Free Incoming Toll-Free calls. The presence of a Norwegian phone number with free incoming calls indicates that the company cares about its customers. The option attracts more interested subscribers who are able to become buyers of your product in the future.
  • Click to call function. In many respects, cloud telephony is aimed at active users of online resources. Placing a special button with the +47 number on the site helps Norwegian clients to quickly contact the manager by simply clicking on the corresponding icon.
  • Call statistics. Recording conversations helps to analyze the work of employees, study customer requests, and resolve disputes. Statistics are important to determine the workload of operators, train staff and identify problem areas.

In addition, the Norwegian number is convenient for organizing communication within the company. When connecting a cloud PBX, you can create individual subscriber numbers for individual departments. And to provide free telephone communication regardless of the country or location of employees.

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What are the benefits of rent Norwegian phone number?

Despite the rather harsh climate and low population, Norway has become one of the most developed countries in the world. Today, according to the Human Development Index, it ranks 1st in the world. This indicator takes into account the standard of living of the local population in terms of literacy, education, income, and life duration.

Today, the territory of the state with an area of 385 sq. km is home to about 5.5 million people. Purchasing power parity per capita is about 81.5 thousand US dollars, which corresponds to 6th place in the world ranking. The Kingdom is the largest oil and gas producer in the region. An impressive contribution to the economy also comes from industry, mining, the chemical industry, high technology, and much more.
For simple and affordable communication with local residents, it is proposed to buy a +47 number. A local phone is indispensable for communicating with friends, conducting business negotiations, registering on local sites, and other purposes. The cloud service allows you to organize a remote office and provides a full effect of presence in the country. Norwegians will be confident that they are calling a local company and will pay for calls at their usual rates. This is the perfect way to increase the credibility of your product, maintain confidentiality, and provide the best possible experience for potential customers.

How to buy a Norway virtual number?

To connect to a digital service, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up on our website through the registration form or enter your personal account if you are already our client.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the services offered and replenish the balance by the amount of the cost of connecting the desired service and the subscription fee for at least one month.
  3. Select Norway country, phone number, and city, and set call forwarding settings.
  4. Check the data and complete the order. Wait for information about connecting the service, which usually comes within 24 hours after submitting the application.

Connection information is sent to the e-mail specified during account registration.

Forwarding settings can be changed at any time in the user’s personal account.

Receive calls from Norway - HotTelecom

Which to get a Norwegian phone number from?

HotTelecom offers a full range of high-quality telecommunication services. If you need a Norwegian number, buying one is easy and simple. Moreover, both phones are available for calls and text messages, as well as for receiving SMS and registering on online platforms.

Our portfolio includes cloud phones from over 90 countries. By connecting our service, you get a reliable, secure connection at an affordable price. Clear working conditions and automatic call forwarding exclude any possibility of errors. You can always count on high signal quality and trouble-free service. For entrepreneurs, it is possible to integrate the subscriber number with well-known business applications.

We work with individuals and legal entities, payment for services is available in 100+ ways, and the support service is ready to answer any questions you may have 24/7.

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