USA Virtual Phone Numbers

If for any reason you need a US number, we suggest you consider buying a US virtual number. This service will be especially useful for those who live outside the United States and Canada. Many banks, online, and other services require a US phone number for verification.

If you often communicate with clients and partners abroad, telephone communication can become an impressive item of expenditure. If you are interested in how to call the USA cheaper than using roaming, contact Hottelecom and connect an online US number. It provides its owners with a unique opportunity – to make communication with their customers, business partners, or friends more accessible, convenient, and secure.

A virtual American number is the best choice for business as it allows you to refuse to rent an office overseas. In terms of their functionality and capabilities, American phone numbers perform all the same actions that are offered by mobile analogs of local operators. By dialing the US phone code your subscriber will pay for the call not at roaming tariffs, but according to the domestic tariff. Besides, the US phone number will provide privacy and help you remain incognito.

Incoming calls are automatically redirected to another mobile or landline number of the city and country selected by the owner of the virtual number. Due to this, the subscribers get the impression that they are also in the same country. For firms located outside the country, it is beneficial to use call forwarding because it significantly reduces the cost of international calls and messages.

US numbers will provide negotiation with customers without identifying real firm contacts. If your organization relocates and your existing contacts change, your virtual phone number will remain unchanged.

The benefits of connecting a US code phone are impressive:

  1. Multichanneling. Each virtual number operates in a multichannel mode that means that calls are distributed between employees in real-time mode or queued up through the voice menu.
  2. Calls from different devices. An incoming call from the +1 number can be received on any gadget – landline or mobile phone, sip device, PC, etc.
  3. Reduced costs. Calls using US numbers will cost you significantly less than international calls made using standard telephony.
  4. Free calls within the corporate network. If your company or office has several branches in America or other countries, then employees can communicate with each other without any charges.
  5. Increasing the company’s prestige and customer loyalty.

To activate the “US dialing code” service, there is a need to select the American city of interest (Alabama, Washington, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Detroit, etc.) and make the forwarding settings. Connecting this service guarantees a rapid entry into the American market, attracting new customers and maintaining their interest in your products and services.

Reasons to buy phone numbers in America

In addition to the ability to make inexpensive long-distance and international calls via SIP (Not CallerID), phone numbers in the United States provide the other advantages of using them:

  • stable and uninterrupted communication quality;
  • the number and duration of calls are unlimited;
  • instant activation of the number straight after purchasing and connecting the +1 phone number;
  • due to multichanneling, the virtual phone will not be busy, and you will not miss important calls.

Using the USA numbers for incoming calls will help to identify the subscriber if he has already called before and has been entered into the database. You can also use it to record every call, hold a call, connect a voice menu, and more. You can learn more about how to call the USA and how much it will cost on the HotTelecom website.

How exactly does the American phone number from Hottelecom work?

America’s cloud numbers work based on VoIP technology, that is what maintains a stable connection with minimal time and financial costs. This technology works through the SIP protocol, which allows you to receive and make calls over the Internet.

Virtual telephony provides forwarding of an incoming call not only to a real mobile but also to a landline phone, Telegram, etc. During a call, the signal is digitized and transmitted without interference. This is a reason for startups to think about carrying out such telephony in their office.

Feel free to contact Hottelecom if you decided to buy a USA phone number for direct calls. We offer affordable USA numbers as well as other virtual telephony services. The company is ready to become a reliable assistant for organizing business processes without purchasing additional equipment through cloud technologies.

It is convenient that any American phone number is not connected to a specific phone: if messages and other important information come to it, they will not be lost if the gadget suddenly breaks or gets lost. Hottelecom virtual numbers are the best solution that will solve the problem with a large volume of calls, missed calls from customers, and lost profit from failed transactions.

Jersey City$15$10+1 201
Washington$15$10+1 202
Bridgeport$15$10+1 203
Central Alabama$15$10+1 205
Seattle$15$10+1 206
Maine$15$10+1 207
Idaho$15$10+1 208
Stockton$15$10+1 209
San Antonio$15$10+1 210
Downtown Los Angeles$15$10+1 213
Dallas Metro$15$10+1 214
Philadelphia$15$10+1 215
Cleveland$15$10+1 216
Champaign Illinois$15$10+1 217
Duluth$15$10+1 218
Gary$15$10+1 219
Waukegan$15$10+1 224
Baton Rouge$15$10+1 225
Biloxi$15$10+1 228
Albany$15$10+1 229
Michigan$15$10+1 231
Akron$15$10+1 234
Cape Coral$15$10+1 239
Frederick$15$10+1 240
Pontiac$15$10+1 248
Alabama$15$10+1 251
Rocky Mount$15$10+1 252
Tacoma$15$10+1 253
Central Texas$15$10+1 254
Huntsville$15$10+1 256
Fort Wayne$15$10+1 260
Kenosha$15$10+1 262
Philadelphia$15$10+1 267
Otsego$15$10+1 269
Owensboro$15$10+1 270
Danville$15$10+1 276
Houston$15$10+1 281
Silver Spring$15$10+1 301
Wilmington$15$10+1 302
Denver$15$10+1 303
Charleston$15$10+1 304
Miami$15$10+1 305
Laramie$15$10+1 307
Rock Island$15$10+1 309
West Los Angeles$15$10+1 310
Chicago$15$10+1 312
Detroit$15$10+1 313
St. Louis$15$10+1 314
Syracuse$15$10+1 315
Wichita$15$10+1 316
Indianapolis$15$10+1 317
Shreveport$15$10+1 318
Cedar Rapids$15$10+1 319
Alexandria$15$10+1 320
Orlando$15$10+1 321
Central Los Angeles$15$10+1 323
Abilene$15$10+1 325
Akron$15$10+1 330
Aurora$15$10+1 331
Montgomery$15$10+1 334
Greensboro$15$10+1 336
Lafayette$15$10+1 337
Lynn$15$10+1 339
Houston$15$10+1 346
Brooklyn$15$10+1 347
Gainesville$15$10+1 352
Bellingham$15$10+1 360
Corpus Christi$15$10+1 361
Columbus$15$10+1 380
Salt Lake City$15$10+1 385
Daytona Beach$15$10+1 386
Providence$15$10+1 401
Omaha$15$10+1 402
Atlanta$15$10+1 404
Oklahoma City$15$10+1 405
Billings$15$10+1 406
Orlando$15$10+1 407
San Jose$15$10+1 408
Galveston$15$10+1 409
Baltimore$15$10+1 410
Pittsburgh$15$10+1 412
Chicopee$15$10+1 413
Milwaukee$15$10+1 414
San Francisco$15$10+1 415
Springfield$15$10+1 417
Toledo$15$10+1 419
Unknown area$100$50+1 420
Chattanooga$15$10+1 423
Santa Monica$15$10+1 424
Bellevue$15$10+1 425
Tyler$15$10+1 430
Odessa$15$10+1 432
Lynchburg$15$10+1 434
St. George$15$10+1 435
Cleveland$15$10+1 440
Escondido$15$10+1 442
Baltimore$15$10+1 443
Oregon$15$10+1 458
Dallas$15$10+1 469
Atlanta$15$10+1 470
Bridgeport$15$10+1 475
Macon$15$10+1 478
Phoenix$15$10+1 480
Bethlehem$15$10+1 484
Little Rock$15$10+1 501
Louisville$15$10+1 502
Portland$15$10+1 503
New Orleans$15$10+1 504
Albuquerque$15$10+1 505
Mankato$15$10+1 507
Worcester$15$10+1 508
Spokane$15$10+1 509
Oakland$15$10+1 510
Austin$15$10+1 512
Cincinnati$15$10+1 513
Iowa City$15$10+1 515
Hempstead$15$10+1 516
Lansing$15$10+1 517
Albany$15$10+1 518
Tucson$15$10+1 520
Redding$15$10+1 530
Oklahoma$15$10+1 539
Roanoke$15$10+1 540
Eugene$15$10+1 541
Jersey City$15$10+1 551
Fresno$15$10+1 559
West Palm Beach$15$10+1 561
Long Beach$15$10+1 562
Davenport$15$10+1 563
Toledo$0$10+1 567
Toledo$15$12+1 567
Scranton$15$10+1 570
Arlington$15$10+1 571
Columbia$15$10+1 573
South Bend$15$10+1 574
New Mexico$15$10+1 575
Lawton$15$10+1 580
Rochester$15$10+1 585
Warren$15$10+1 586
Jackson$15$10+1 601
Phoenix$15$10+1 602
Manchester$15$10+1 603
Sioux Falls$15$10+1 605
Ashland$15$10+1 606
Elmira$15$10+1 607
Madison$15$10+1 608
Atlantic City$15$10+1 609
Bethlehem$15$10+1 610
Minneapolis$15$10+1 612
Columbus$15$10+1 614
Nashville$15$10+1 615
Grand Rapids$15$10+1 616
Boston$15$10+1 617
Alton$15$10+1 618
San Diego$15$10+1 619
Dodge City$15$10+1 620
Phoenix$15$10+1 623
Pomona$15$10+1 626
San Francisco$15$10+1 628
Nashville$15$10+1 629
Naperville$15$10+1 630
Brentwood$15$10+1 631
St. Charles$15$10+1 636
Mason City$15$10+1 641
New York City$15$10+1 646
Daly City$15$10+1 650
St. Paul$15$10+1 651
Anaheim$15$10+1 657
Marshall$15$10+1 660
Santa Clarita$15$10+1 661
Starkville$15$10+1 662
Maryland$15$10+1 667
San Jose$15$10+1 669
Atlanta$15$10+1 678
Fort Worth$15$10+1 682
Fargo$15$10+1 701
Las Vegas$15$10+1 702
Arlington$15$10+1 703
Charlotte$15$10+1 704
Augusta$15$10+1 706
Santa Rosa$15$10+1 707
Cicero$15$10+1 708
Sioux City$15$10+1 712
Houston$15$10+1 713
Anaheim$15$10+1 714
Eau Claire$15$10+1 715
Niagara Falls$15$10+1 716
Lancaster$15$10+1 717
Brooklyn$15$10+1 718
Pueblo$15$10+1 719
Denver$15$10+1 720
New Castle$15$10+1 724
Las Vegas$15$10+1 725
St. Petersburg$15$10+1 727
Jackson$15$10+1 731
Edison$15$10+1 732
Ann Arbor$15$10+1 734
Austin$15$10+1 737
Lancaster$15$10+1 740
Burbank$15$10+1 747
Fort Lauderdale$15$10+1 754
Virginia Beach$15$10+1 757
San Diego North$15$10+1 760
Monticello$15$10+1 762
Plymouth$15$10+1 763
Lafayette$15$10+1 765
Picayune$15$10+1 769
Atlanta$15$10+1 770
Port St Lucie$15$10+1 772
Chicago$15$10+1 773
Worcester$15$10+1 774
Reno$15$10+1 775
South Beloit $15$10+1 779
Lynn$15$10+1 781
Monroe County$15$10+1 786
Salt Lake City$15$10+1 801
Brattleboro$15$10+1 802
Columbia$15$10+1 803
Richmond$15$10+1 804
Santa Barbara$15$10+1 805
Flint$15$10+1 810
Evansville$15$10+1 812
Tampa$15$10+1 813
Erie$15$10+1 814
Rockford$15$10+1 815
Kansas City$15$10+1 816
Fort Worth$15$10+1 817
Burbank$15$10+1 818
Asheville$15$10+1 828
Medina$15$10+1 830
Salinas$15$10+1 831
Houston$15$10+1 832
Charleston$15$10+1 843
Kingston$15$10+1 845
Waukegan$15$10+1 847
Edison$15$10+1 848
Tallahassee$15$10+1 850
South Carolina$15$10+1 854
Camden$15$10+1 856
Boston$15$10+1 857
San Diego$15$10+1 858
Lexington$15$10+1 859
Hartford$15$10+1 860
Newark$15$10+1 862
Lakeland$15$10+1 863
Greenville$15$10+1 864
Knoxville$15$10+1 865
Chicago$15$10+1 872
Pittsburgh$15$10+1 878
Memphis$15$10+1 901
NE Tyler$15$10+1 903
Jacksonville$15$10+1 904
Elizabeth$15$10+1 908
Anaheim$15$10+1 909
Fayetteville$15$10+1 910
Savannah$15$10+1 912
Kansas City$15$10+1 913
Yonkers$15$10+1 914
El Paso$15$10+1 915
Sacramento$15$10+1 916
Tulsa$15$10+1 918
Raleigh$15$10+1 919
Green Bay$15$10+1 920
Concord$15$10+1 925
Yuma$15$10+1 928
New York$15$10+1 929
Clarksville$15$10+1 931
Huntsville$15$10+1 936
Dayton$15$10+1 937
Alabama$15$10+1 938
Denton$15$10+1 940
Sarasota$15$10+1 941
Troy$15$10+1 947
Irvine$15$10+1 949
Riverside$15$10+1 951
Bloomington$15$10+1 952
Fort Lauderdale$15$10+1 954
Laredo$15$10+1 956
Hartford$15$10+1 959
Grand Junction$15$10+1 970
Portland$15$10+1 971
Dallas$15$10+1 972
Newark$15$10+1 973
Lowell$15$10+1 978
Bryan$15$10+1 979
Charlotte$15$10+1 980
Raleigh$15$10+1 984
Hammond$15$10+1 985
Saginaw$15$10+1 989
Aberdeen$15$10+1 564
Amarillo$15$10+1 806
Arkadelphia$15$10+1 870
Asheboro$15$10+1 743
Beckley$15$10+1 681
Bessemer$15$10+1 659
Bloomsburg$15$10+1 272
Brownsburg$15$10+1 463
Eau Claire$15$10+1 534
Lawrence$15$10+1 785
New York$15$10+1 332
New York$15$10+1 917
Omaha$15$10+1 531
Orlando$15$10+1 689
Rio Linda$15$10+1 279
San Antonio$15$10+1 726
York$15$10+1 223

Benefits of using a virtual phone in the USA

Why is the popularity of IP telephony growing and whether it is worth buying American numbers? Let’s review below:

  • transmission of a clear powerful signal over long distances;
  • democratic price of communication services;
  • ease of connection and further configuration;
  • PBX functionality does not need to be additionally configured;
  • USA phone numbers are not tied to a physical address.

Each client can choose a tariff plan for virtual telephony based on his communication needs. If you decide to use a virtual American phone number the efficiency of the office or company will increase significantly, and you will be able to call the client back in case you missed the call. At any time you will be able to listen to the conversation and brush up on the questions that you were discussing with the client.

For 800 (Toll Free) number, forwarding to other phones is paid by the owner of the number based on the country or region where the call comes from. If forwarding is set to a SIP device, the call will be paid per minute, regardless of the country where the owner of the number is located.

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Frequently asked questions about US phone numbers

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No. These numbers are for calls only

Once you have purchased virtual number,
it is assigned to you and will remain so throughout the entire period of paying a subscription fee

You can set up your incoming calls forwarded to your personal phone number, work phone number or SIP.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

What else can be found useful about the USA phone numbers?

Purchasing an American phone number means providing your company with high-quality, prompt, and inexpensive communication at any time regardless of distance.

A virtual phone from HotTelecom will provide:

  • multichanneling, due to it each HotTelecom subscriber receives from 2 channels for calls;
  • the forwarding opportunity for redirecting calls to another phone;
  • activation of voice mail;
  • prompt connection of the service;
  • the convenience of configuration through personal account;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

All calls, voice messages, and other data are carefully encrypted, so they are not available to third parties. A flexible setting system allows you to activate call forwarding, voice mail, answering machine, IVR, call recording, and other useful functions.

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Connect an American virtual number from HotTelecom

If you decided to buy an American phone number, choose HotTelecom. We provide a wide range of services aimed at connecting virtual telephony in dozens of countries at favorable rates.

Each of our clients receives a professional service. Our managers calculate tariffs individually for every client who has purchased a USA phone number. If you want to learn more about the virtual number in the USA, you can email us and get a free consultation.

Anyone can become a Hottelecom client, for this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • sign up on the company website;
  • create a personal account;
  • select a country (USA);
  • determine the direction for call forwarding;
  • pay for the service.

In the personal account, you can pay for the service in any convenient way, even in virtual currency. The company’s managers will provide more details about the list of available services, tariff plans, and other questions. You can contact Hottelecom managers by phone or online.

Have questions about US phone numbers?

Send e-mail, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.