South Africa Virtual Phone Numbers

South Africa’s virtual phone number is a digital telephony service for convenient and inexpensive calls and text messages. To connect it, you do not have to insert a new SIM card into your smartphone or buy special equipment. For the user of cloud services, innovative telephony is as comfortable and affordable as possible. The owner of the subscriber number independently determines the device for receiving calls and SMS. And if necessary, he can change the settings in his personal account on the site at any time.

Seeing the familiar +27 number, the local subscriber will be sure that he is communicating with a person or company from his country. This fact will help establish trust, bring your product to the local market, organize a remote office, and much more.

Modern technologies in the area of telephone communication

Since the advent of the first bulky wired telephone with poor sound quality, technology has improved significantly. Cellular communication appeared, which provided high mobility for the user. And, finally, Internet telephony, practically erased the barriers between countries and brought the quality of communication to a new level. Unlike the usual “mobile phone”, a digital phone does not react at all to a change in the user’s geolocation. And even when crossing several borders, it provides stable billing of calls and SMS without roaming and hidden overpayments.

Moreover, this technology makes it possible to buy a virtual number of South Africa and other countries from anywhere in the world. At the same time, telephone communication is featured by high signal quality, reliable connection, and data security. Modern information security protocols allow you to freely conduct important negotiations or online conferences on almost any question. In addition, connecting to a cloud service allows for maintaining the anonymity of a personal phone. That can be useful for placing contacts on the network, on advertising platforms, etc.

Johannesburg$50$20+27 10Buy now
Johannesburg$50$20+27 11Buy now
Pretoria / Tshwane$50$20+27 12Buy now
Polokwane (Pietersburg)$50$20+27 15Buy now
Vereeniging / Vanderbijlpark$50$20+27 16Buy now
Cape Town$50$20+27 21Buy now
Worcester / Beaufort West$50$20+27 23Buy now
Durban$50$20+27 31Buy now
Pietermaritzburg$50$20+27 33Buy now
Port Elizabeth$50$20+27 41Buy now
Humansdorp$50$20+27 42Buy now
East London$50$20+27 43Buy now
George$50$20+27 44Buy now
Bloemfontein$50$20+27 51Buy now
Kimberley$50$20+27 53Buy now
South Africa VOIP - 87$50$20+27 87Buy now

Additional features to improve the efficiency of VoIP

Modern telephony has many advantages over traditional communication technologies. In addition to high signal quality and affordable prices, various useful options are offered for convenient and efficient communication. For example, it is worth buying a South African number from digital telephony to connect:

  • Greetings. A convenient opportunity to familiarize the subscriber with the company’s work schedule, ongoing promotions, interesting news, etc.
  • Background music. Pleasant sound accompaniment improves mood, brightens up the waiting time for an answer, and makes it much more pleasant.
  • Voice menu. The developed interactive menu “guides” the client to the right specialist through digital dialing, helping to rationally distribute calls and save operators’ working time.
  • Callback. The ability to order a callback from the site attracts the attention of visitors, significantly increases the number of calls, and increases the profitability of the business.
  • Recordings of conversations. A useful option for assessing the quality of staff work, reviewing scripts for communicating with clients, resolving disputes, etc.
  • Free incoming calls. The most useful option for customer service departments improves the company’s image in the market, increases the flow of calls, and makes it possible to turn a potential client into a real one.

Thus, a South African virtual number can become an effective tool for your business on another continent. A multi-channel phone is indispensable for a call center, advertising campaign, marketing research, online store, and more.

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Demand for South African phone numbers for personal and business use

South Africa is the richest country on the continent. Many tourists come here for the exotic and the opportunity to maintain the usual level of comfort. South Africa is located in the very south of Africa. Among other countries of the continent, it stands out for its national diversity with a large proportion of white, Asian, and mixed populations. And it is also a fairly calm political environment as even despite the times of apartheid, there were no coups d’état there.

South Africa also stands out for its significant geographical diversity, unique sights, and presence of as many as 11 official languages. However, those arriving in the country should not worry, as the local population speaks English. Therefore, you will always be able to freely communicate with local residents, travel around the country, build a business, etc. At the same time, all such tasks require a reliable telephone connection.

If you plan to actively interact with South Africa, VoIP phone numbers will be the most reliable assistants. Moreover, they can be useful both for personal purposes and for solving business issues. Modern Internet telephony helps to organize decent customer service and comfortable communication even being thousands of kilometers away.

Frequently asked questions about South Africa phone numbers

You can make a payment in your personal account on our website. We work with a vast number of payment methods. Possibility of paying by card, Wire Transfer and cryptocurrency among them.

We provide one SIP account for free for each purchased number. You can submit a request in your personal account on our website.

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

In addition to forwarding to SIP, we provide receiving calls to your phone and even to Telegram.

Once you have purchased virtual number,
it is assigned to you and will remain so throughout the entire period of paying a subscription fee

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

South Africa Virtual Phone Number - HotTelecom

The process of renting South African virtual telephone numbers on our website

The entire process of ordering and connecting cloud telephony is carried out online through the website.

To rent a service, you will need to do the following:

  • Sign up on our website, read the terms of work, and enter your personal account;
  • replenish your account with the cost of activating the cloud service, considering the rental time, but not less than one month of work;
  • choose the right South African number, set the settings for call and message forwarding, check all data, and buy the +27 number.

Connection is carried out immediately after verification of the application. In most cases, this happens within 24 hours after ordering the service.

Call billing does not depend on the geographic location of the service owner; to reduce telephony costs, it is recommended to use a SIP account.

Call forwarding is possible to an IP phone, office PBX, smartphone, computer, tablet, or laptop.

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Detailed information about Hottelecom

Hottelecom has been on the market since 2009, and the number of our customers has already exceeded 11 thousand. We will help you buy virtual numbers of South Africa or almost any other country as quickly and conveniently as possible.

HotTelecom guarantees the following:

  • high quality and uninterrupted communication, subject to stable access to the Internet on your part;
  • instant automatic redirection of voice calls and text messages to the technical device of your choice;
  • high signal security and anonymity of the user’s personal data, subject to compliance with applicable law;
  • a wide range of digital services with phones from over 92 countries and 6400 cities around the world, the ability to order a one-time or long-term service;
  • accepting payments for services in 100+ different ways, including electronic money and cryptocurrency.

If you still have questions about connecting or operating Internet telephony, use the advice of qualified technical support specialists. With their help, you can buy a South African number as quickly as possible and start using it within the shortest term.

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