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Every day the number of subscribers who have connected virtual numbers of Poland is increasing. Online telephony is gradually replacing mobile communication because it is cheaper to maintain. Phone number of Poland works in the same way as the usual mobile numbers, but it is not tied to the smartphone itself or any other gadget. As for messages, they are sent from Polish phone numbers to e-mail where the user can read, reply, delete, etc. at any time.

Most often, the 48 telephone code is purchased by such users as entrepreneurs, businessmen, owners of offices, online stores, etc. They connect the +380 voice number for conducting business negotiations at favorable rates and use it as a budgetary tool for receiving commercial offers, corporate mailing. IP telephony from HotTelecom allows using conference calls for meetings, monitoring calls, setting forwarding from work numbers to home or mobile phones, record and store phone calls

What does the Polish phone number code provide?

48 phone code makes calls within the corporate network inexpensive and of high quality since virtual communication does not depend on the coverage of mobile operators. A virtual number with the possibility of forwarding creates the impression that subscribers are in the same country, therefore it inspires confidence among subscribers. The possibility to inexpensively buy a virtual Polish number forever allows you to refuse to be bound to a physical office and work remotely from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. IP telephony works online and allows calls both at long distance and within the company at a fixed rate. Virtual numbers work through special gateways that connect them to landline phones. Due to them, you can easily contact the subscriber even if he is at a great distance.

HotTelecom Polish mobile code is an excellent choice for business development, phone sales growth, and customer base increase. In terms of its options, it performs the same actions as the numbers of local mobile operators while they are more functional and practical to use. Using the Polish phone code, you will be able to reduce the amount of spam and ads that come to personal mobile numbers so often. It is also convenient that the number is not tied to a specific phone, and if messages and other media files come to it, they will not be lost if the gadget suddenly breaks. Buying a +48 code is a rational and profitable decision that was already found out by thousands of subscribers.

Why is the +48 phone code in great demand?

This type of communication is popular in many countries including Poland. The choice of a virtual number from HotTelecom is linked to the fact that various companies, online stores, banks, event agencies, and other organizations that work with an extensive client base need to communicate promptly with their clients who may be hundreds of miles, or even thousands of kilometers away. Also, companies that connect the +48 telephone code can count on a lower cost of services compared to other telecom providers, so they receive huge advantages among competitors and strong demand among potential customers.

Why is it worth buying a Polish phone number? This is facilitated by the following factors:

  • transmission of a clean stable signal at any distance;
  • low cost of communication services;
  • telephony is easy to connect and configure;
  • simple configuration of the functionality;
  • Polish phone numbers are not tied to a specific address, so if you move to another building or city, you will still have telephony;
  • simplified extensive phone functions.

You can choose the tariff plan for HotTelecom virtual telephony in your personal account during registration based on your communication needs.

Mobile$200$100+48 72Buy now
Biala Podlaska$25$20+48 83Buy now
Bialystok$25$20+48 85Buy now
Bielsko-Biala$25$20+48 33Buy now
Bydgoszcz$25$20+48 52Buy now
Chelm$25$20+48 82Buy now
Ciechanow$25$20+48 23Buy now
Czestochowa$25$20+48 34Buy now
Elblag$25$20+48 55Buy now
Gdansk$25$20+48 58Buy now
Gorzow Wielkopolski$25$20+48 95Buy now
Jelenia Gora$25$20+48 75Buy now
Kalisz$25$20+48 62Buy now
Katowice$25$20+48 32Buy now
Kielce$25$20+48 41Buy now
Konin$25$20+48 63Buy now
Koszalin$25$20+48 94Buy now
Krakow$25$20+48 12Buy now
Krosno$25$20+48 13Buy now
Legnica$25$20+48 76Buy now
Leszno$25$20+48 65Buy now
Lodz$25$20+48 42Buy now
Lomza$25$20+48 86Buy now
Lublin$25$20+48 81Buy now
Mobile$15$15+48 73Buy now
Nowy Sacz$25$20+48 18Buy now
Olsztyn$25$20+48 89Buy now
Opole$25$20+48 77Buy now
Ostroleka$25$20+48 29Buy now
Pila$25$20+48 67Buy now
Piotrkow Trybunalski$25$20+48 44Buy now
Plock$25$20+48 24Buy now
Poznan$25$20+48 61Buy now
Przemysl$25$20+48 16Buy now
Radom$25$20+48 48Buy now
Rzeszow$25$20+48 17Buy now
Siedlce$25$20+48 25Buy now
Sieradz$25$20+48 43Buy now
Skierniewice$25$20+48 46Buy now
Slupsk$25$20+48 59Buy now
Suwalki$25$20+48 87Buy now
Szczecin$25$20+48 91Buy now
Tarnobrzeg$25$20+48 15Buy now
Tarnow$25$20+48 14Buy now
Torun$25$20+48 56Buy now
Walbrzych$25$20+48 74Buy now
Warsaw$25$20+48 22Buy now
Wloclawek$25$20+48 54Buy now
Wroclaw$25$20+48 71Buy now
Zamosc$25$20+48 84Buy now
Zielona Gora$25$20+48 68Buy now

How does the 48 number work?

Polish telephone numbers connected via IP telephony operate through the “Internet Protocol”. Using it, the information is transmitted from a personal computer as well as from smartphones or other equipment. Due to digital processing, any message or voice is converted from an analog signal and transmitted to the addressee. The addressee receives exactly what you send.

The prefix of Polish numbers is connected for different purposes:

  • keeping the number when moving a company or office;
  • getting rid of annoying spam;
  • organization of a single corporate network among employees from different offices or cities;
  • saving costs for organizing constant communication with clients or business partners.

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Frequently asked questions about Poland phone numbers

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No. These numbers are for calls only

Once you have purchased virtual number,
it is assigned to you and will remain so throughout the entire period of paying a subscription fee

You can set up your incoming calls forwarded to your personal phone number, work phone number or SIP.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

What are the advantages of rent (+48) Polish virtual numbers?

The Polish number, issued through the VPS protocol, provides forwarding of incoming calls, receives SMS, faxes, and voice messages, easily integrates with CRM systems, and more.

Below are the main advantages of virtual telephony:

  1. Low cost of services.
  2. Wide functionality that allows sending voice messages, saving calls, and voice mail.
  3. There is no restriction on the number of phones. By purchasing a Polish mobile code for a large corporation, you can connect the required number of channels.
  4. IP telephony can work with CRM system as well. Many companies use programs such as Bitrix24, 1C office programs, MS Office, and many other programs to communicate with employees. They are integrated due to the virtual telephony, which allows you to create a database of calls and transactions with each customer’s card.
  5. It is possible to connect a voice menu and a short number. You need to contact our provider and select those numbers where forwarding will be received, after which it will be possible to receive calls.
  6. Efficiency and versatility. Due to the fact that calls to telephony come not only from landline phones but also from mobile phones, all calls are stored in the database. You can return to them at any time, listen to conversations, call the subscriber back, etc.

If you decide to buy a virtual Polish number, then you will significantly increase the efficiency of your office or company, and you will also be able to call the client back if you missed an important call. Using a Polish number, you can make inexpensive calls abroad without roaming, which quality of data transfer will not differ from calls within the country.

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What else can be found useful about a Polish phone number?

The telephone code of Poland will provide every company with high-quality, prompt, and inexpensive communication at any time, regardless of distance, with any number of branches.

Polish virtual number will provide the following:

  • multichanneling – each subscriber receives at least 2 channels for calls;
  • no binding to the presence in an office in Poland;
  • prompt connection for individuals and legal entities;
  • the convenience of settings through the personal account;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

All calls, voice messages, and other data are carefully encrypted, so they are not available to third parties. A simple system of settings will help you activate call forwarding, voicemail, answering machine, IVR, call recording, and other useful functions that are guaranteed to come in handy in a modern office.

Connect the +48 number from HotTelecom

If you decided to buy a Polish number, choose a reliable HotTelecom company. We provide a wide range of services aimed at connecting virtual telephony.

Each of our clients receives a professional service:

  • telephony support around the clock;
  • free account;
  • a convenient way to pay for telephony services;
  • prompt connection;
  • telephony support in 90 countries of the world.

Each client that will connect Polish phone numbers receives service at favorable rates. If you want to learn more about the virtual code of Poland, you can email us and get advice. (+48) numbers are an inexpensive and safe way of communication. By connecting virtual telephony from Hottelecom, you can transfer data and make calls at affordable rates. In your personal account, you can pay for the service with any convenient currency, even bitcoins. Our experts will help you with setting up an internal corporate network with free calls for all its members.

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