Russian Toll Free Numbers +7 (800)

Geographically close location, familiar language, and understandable mentality greatly simplify doing business in the Russian Federation. Modern technologies make it possible to organize effective customer service and increase the number of calls to the company.

To do this, you need to buy a +7(800) Russian number and potential clients will be able to call you completely free of charge. According to statistics, the availability of such a service leads to an increase in the number of incoming calls by 30-40%. And for about 55% of consumers, it becomes a big advantage when choosing a company.

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Features of Russian +7 (800) numbers

This technology is based on telephone communication via the Internet protocol. VoIP is a successful replacement for old wired telephones, which required a significant initial investment.

And also more modern cellular communications, which need a physical SIM card and mobile coverage. And it does not allow the use of many additional functions of cloud services.

Progressive VoIP does not require physical telephone lines or equipment, except for the receiving device – a telephone, computer, etc. It is flexible and easy to use and allows you to organize affordable personal or business communication.

It is worth noting a few more advantages of cloud services:

  1. Multichannel, the ability to use extensions for different departments or employees. As well as a voice menu, call statistics, black list, and many other useful functions.
  2. Call forwarding to other mobile or landline phones. And also to SIP devices with a special application installed. Free redirection to remote employees is available. You can change the routing settings in your personal account at any time.
  3. The ability to choose a “nice” phone with a convenient combination of numbers that attracts attention and is easy for users to remember. The best option for the national presence and branding of large and medium-sized enterprises.
  4. The ability to always stay in touch with clients and partners. Do not miss important calls and do not lose your number and accumulated customer base when moving. Thanks to a call forwarding, you can take a call at home, on the road, or anywhere else with access to the Internet.

Digital telephony allows you to connect incoming calls with the Russian code +7 (800) and many other services.

It saves money on opening a physical representative office in the country and on international communication with local clients, partners, or acquaintances.

Advantages of Russian toll free numbers

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, occupying 11.5% of the world’s territory. It stretches from east to west on two continents and covers 9 time zones.

The country is home to more than 146 million people, which makes it 9th in the world in terms of population. The Russian Federation is in 6th place in the world ranking of economic development in terms of purchasing power parity, and its contribution to the world economy is 3.12%.

The World Bank classifies the economy of the Russian Federation as a transitional type, that is, it is in the process of transition from state planning to a free market. Despite its significant size, human potential, and rich natural resources in terms of GDP per capita, the country ranks 55th in the world.

Nevertheless, entering the Russian market has great prospects. And connecting the +7(800) Russian number will certainly help the development of your business. It will showcase your company’s seriousness, customer care, and desire to win the trust of local consumers.

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About the service of renting a +7 (800) Russian number 

This service is provided by the digital telephone operator and is paid not by the caller, but by the owner of the cloud subscriber number. The use of the service is justified and in most cases pays off in the first months.

This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the company’s image, increase the flow of customers, and boost the level of customer satisfaction. It can be used for short-term purposes such as conducting market research.

Or operate for a long time to receive calls from regular and potential customers.

Toll Free number is absolutely necessary for the following purposes:

  • organization of a sales department, call-center, support service, or after-sales service of the company;
  • optimization of client and corporate communication when working in different regions of the country;
  • organizing hotlines for complaints and suggestions, interactive voting, advertising campaigns;
  • the operation of a nationwide information referral service, research centers, etc.

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We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

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You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

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Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

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You can easily forward your calls to telegram

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Russia +7 800 Toll Free Numbers

Frequently asked questions about Russia Toll-Free Numbers

→ register at;
→ go to the TOLL FREE tab and choose Russia in the list of countries;
→ top up your balance to the amount not less than the cost of the number (connection+monthly fee) and make a prepayment for call forwarding (incoming calls to toll-free numbers are charged to the number owner, per minute fee is not included in the monthly fee);
→ enclose documents, if the personal account asks for them;
→ make your purchase and wait for a confirmation email.

→ Toll free numbers are multi-channel numbers for handling incoming calls. It helps to increase customer loyalty to your brand. Operators can handle up to 30 calls at a time to this number, and customers don’t have to wait their turn.
→ Hotline numbers posted on the website instead of a local number cause more trust among customers.
→ The call to the number will be free for the caller. As practice shows, customers call such numbers 40% more often than a regular phone number.

Not necessarily. To connect a toll-free number of Russian Federation you will need to provide us with an ID scan and proof of address of the end user of the service (more information is available in your personal account when purchasing). It can be either a private or juridical person.

Yes, of course. You can purchase as many numbers of any type as you need within one personal account.

How to buy a +7 (800) Russian number?

To rent a digital service, you must choose a reliable operator of IP telephony services. Our company offers to connect a virtual number quickly and easily. And at the same time, it guarantees stable quality and high reliability of communication.

If you are not registered on our resource, fill out a simple form to get your account. Next, find the service you need, check the prices, and select the appropriate subscriber number.

An essential condition for its connection is the replenishment of the personal account for the cost of the service and the subscription fee for the selected period of use. In your personal account, set the direction of routing of incoming calls, and order the +7 (800) Russian number.

The service will be connected within 24 hours once the request is checked by our specialists. You will receive an email with the relevant information to the email address specified during registration.

Advantages of +7 (800) Russian numbers from HotTelecom

Our company offers digital cloud telephony services in more than 90 countries. For 12 years of work in the telecommunications market, we have gained vast experience and created the most convenient service.

We work with both individuals and legal entities and offer an individual approach to solve specific client problems. We also provide disposable numbers for registration on various online platforms and long-term cloud services for communicating with residents of certain countries. Plus, phones for text messages, free incoming calls, and more.

HotTelecom specialists perform a full range of work on connecting and maintaining digital services. Our prompt and qualified support service works around the clock and is always ready to help you choose the best service option.

We have provided over 100 payment options – bank transfers, electronic money, cryptocurrency, and many others. And we always take care of the complete confidentiality of the personal data of users.

Do you have a lot of Russian clients and you need them to be able to call for free from any phones? Russian Toll Free numbers +7 (800) is an ideal solution to this problem and an effective tool for promoting your business!

Please contact technical support if you still have any questions about the connection and operation of the service!

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