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A cloud PBX system has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years in Colombia because of its convenience compared to a traditional PBX system. The main advantage of a cloud PBX phone system is that the data is stored in the cloud, which means it’s easier to maintain and manage just by logging to your account, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Most cloud IP PBX in Colombia also functions similarly, with only a strong internet connection and an IP phone or just a computer needed to get everything set up and running. This is leaps more convenient from the traditional telephony where you need a lot of equipment. There are many companies in CO that offer a cloud PBX service, and if you are thinking of expanding your communications in your office, switching to a cloud based PBX in Colombia might be the best move for you.

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If you are scouting for VoIP service providers to grow your business, consider for your first option. We understand that your needs are different if you have a startup business or a medium business owner in Colombia. We provide different packages according to your need so that you can choose only the best VoIP service provider in Colombia. You can remain competitive in your industry without shelling out a huge amount of money, and that’s the smartest business move you can make.

How does virtual IP PBX station work?

You may already be familiar with the traditional PBX setup, with a lot of equipment and a separate computer server that needs to power the entire telephone network. But with an online PBX, your entire business will be transformed because of this modern solution. Instead of the previous setup that requires too much technical knowledge before you can set it up and constant and more expensive maintenance process, a VoIP cloud PBX in Colombia is a much simpler setup. It makes use of voice over IP servers, which routes your calls through a computer network instead of a telephone network. This means that a virtual PBX in Colombia requires much less equipment because the main factor it needs to run is a computer network and just a computer. This also means that maintenance and management of the entire system will not give anyone a headache. Even if you don’t have enough technical know-how about VoIP in Colombia, it’s easy to learn and you can manage everything in one place as soon as you log in to your account that you created during the setup process. In the Colombia, this has been taking over the way Columbian services set up their communications network because it’s very user-friendly that even entrepreneurs or startup business owners can learn and master the ins and outs of the process in no time.

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Hottelecom isn’t limited to providing companies a voice over IP solution in 57. You can further customize the features that go into your package so that you can create a unique experience for your customers. Even if you’re not in Colombia, you can rely on the mobility and flexibility of our services to keep your business working for you. We take pride in being able to provide high-quality voice over service in Colombia, and if you are thinking of a hassle-free way of expanding your network, you can sign up on our website and choose the plan that works for you today.

Frequently asked questions about Cloud PBX in Colombia

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

Virtual PBX service from HotTelecom includes IVR greetings, Conversation recording, Call Forwarding, PBX conference call, Musical accompaniment of a call on hold, Black and white calls lists, Scheduled call forwarding, etc.

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What benefits do you get when buying virtual PBX in Colombia?

It’s almost too good to be true when you read about what choosing a good VoIP phone system in Colombia can do for your business, and you might be overwhelmed. But to further help you understand and get excited about purchasing and setting up Columbian VoIP system and choosing Hottelecom, here are just some of the top benefits that your business can enjoy.

  • Easy setup and continuous mobility. It might be hard to believe but when you choose a VoIP phone service in Colombia, one of the main advantages you will get is that everything will be set up for you in a matter of minutes and you can start getting inbound calls. Plus even if you leave CO to do business, your business goes with you because your entire phone network relies mostly on your internet connection and is not tied to a telephone company or a location.
  • Loaded features. Most businesses in Colombia rely on effective and efficient customer service support. This is why picking a VoIP company in CO for business means it was checking what features work for you, and Hottelecom offers loaded features and completely web-based control for you so you can keep track on things easily.
  • More affordable and less time-consuming. You don’t have to invest huge money to be able to get and provide high-quality service to your customers. You also won’t have to worry about future repair or maintenance costs because of how your system is set up.
  • Customizable to adjust to your growing business. Whether it’s changing the greeting music when customers call, having an Columbian phone number to being able to navigate through the IVR menu, or being able to save voicemails, you can keep customizing the features of your virtual PBX as your business grows. You don’t have to commit to the same setup for years. With Hottelecom, you can choose to have some features added on a monthly basis.

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