Why is it worth buying a disposable number for WebMoney registration? More and more Internet resources require user identification by confirming the phone.

These include the popular WebMoney electronic payment system. The developers inform that the phone is used to secure payments and quickly restore access to the account.

A one-time number for WebMoney will make it possible to comply with the rules of the site, and at the same time maintain confidentiality. Also, this service is useful if you plan to create several accounts and do not want to buy additional SIM cards.

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More about WebMoney

The WebMoney electronic settlement system was founded in 1998 in Russia. Nowadays, more than 44 million accounts are registered there, and the volume of transactions has long exceeded $17 billion.

According to 2014 statistics, more than a third of all Russian Internet users carried out online settlements using the company’s wallets.

Electronic money can be used to buy various goods and services. And also to raise funds, make safe deals, do charity work, and much more. It’s worth it to buy a temporary phone number for WebMoney and join the service.

Ukrainian users can pay for computer programs and provider services through WebMoney, replenish their mobile accounts, receive bonuses for online games, and much more.

In fact, the electronic system repeats the functions of a bank account, only without a plastic card. And you don’t even need to leave your home to perform transactions with your wallet. The only requirement is access to the Internet.

Virtual Numbers for WebMoney from HotTelecom

Features of the service

First, you need to create a WebMoney wallet. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration on the site, carefully following the prompts. And choose the type of wallet, or open several at once. Accounts can be available in different currencies, for example:

  • WMR – Russian rubles;
  • WMU – Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • WMZ – American dollars;
  • WME – Euro.

Unfortunately, today, funds in hryvnia wallets are blocked. Therefore, in order to receive your money from WMU wallets, it is recommended to exchange it for other currencies and withdraw it through exchangers.

The account can be topped up with a card, through a terminal, a bank card, or at representative offices. Transfer of funds between accounts is carried out almost instantly. Therefore, the situation of “stuck” money is impossible, when money left one account but did not get to another.

However, there is some danger here – transactions cannot be reversed. Therefore, you should be especially careful when sending a payment. Or, for security reasons, send it with a protection code.

In this case, the recipient must enter the secret word you specified. If a fraudster tries to receive such a transfer, he will not be able to do so. And within 10 days, the money will be returned to the original account.

Pay attention! For registration in banking or payment systems, it is NOT recommended to use disposable numbers. For these purposes it is better to use constant SMS numbers. You can check the availability of numbers in the online chat with our live support agents.

Frequently asked questions about WebMoney SMS numbers

To register with Webmoney using a one-time number, follow the instructions:

1. Sign up on the website and add at least $5 to your balance.
2. Select the “ONE USE SMS NUMBERS” section.
3. Choose the country which has Webmoney in its list of services.
4. Choose Webmoney from the list of services, request a number from the system and initiate the registration process in Webmoney.
5. Wait for the confirmation code and enter this code when registering with Webmoney.
6. Profit!

Yes, we do. We recommend using sms numbers on a monthly rental basis if you are registering with banks and payment services. Such numbers are available in your personal account in the SMS NUMBER section, also, there is a “for registration” label on them. Please pay your attention: reception of SMS from any web-services for permanent sms numbers without “for registration” label is not guaranteed! You can always contact the support service to get a complete list of permanent SMS numbers for registration.

Make sure that you enter the number in the international format without mistakes.

The code will come in the same tablesheet where you ordered the number, within 1-2 minutes.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Order a new one-time number or buy a permanent sms number for webmoney registration.

Numbers for Webmoney Registration

How to buy a virtual number for WebMoney?

The procedure for renting a temporary number for WebMoney is intuitive and takes a few minutes. To purchase this service, you must do the following:

  1. Register at https://hottelecom.biz/. The system requires a name, email address, and phone number. It is also required to check the acceptance of the user agreement, the processing of personal data, etc. After successful registration, access to your personal account opens.
  2. Find a temporary number service for WebMoney registration, get acquainted with the price, top up the balance. Replenishment of a personal account is made online. There are many payment methods available, including cards of different payment systems, electronic money, and even cryptocurrency.
  3. Order a virtual number for WebMoney. After replenishing the balance, select the country, service and complete the order. All active services are reflected in the user’s personal account. Here, you can also receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

The reliability and dependability of the service of renting a subscriber number are provided by the cloud technology of data transmission over the Internet. Therefore, you can use it even in areas where there is no mobile operator coverage.

On our website, you can also buy a virtual number for WebMoney registration on long-term conditions. Or order other services of modern VoIP by choosing a country and an operator.

This is a great opportunity to establish communication with the whole world with minimal financial costs. Use a modern, reliable, and secure connection for calls, SMS, and faxes. And do not think about additional equipment, SIM cards, and roaming.

Registration in the system with a number for WebMoney

One of the features of registration in WebMoney is the opportunity to use the WM Keeper Standard (Mini) browser application. It is designed to work correctly in any browser and operating system of a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Step-by-step instructions for registration:

  1. Click “Register”, select the country code, and enter the cloud number for receiving SMS WebMoney. Activate the “Next” button.
  2. Return to your personal account on our website, find a text message, copy and enter the confirmation code in the specified field. Click “Next” once again.
  3. After checking the presence of accounts associated with this phone, you are prompted to set a password. Otherwise, the system offers to enter the old wallet or re-register.
  4. After setting and confirming the password, you must accept the terms of work and allow the processing of personal data. To do this, check the boxes in indicated fields.
  5. In the browser application, open the “Wallets” section, click on the plus, select the type of currency, and finish creating a wallet. To use electronic money, it is important to remember your registration number – WMID.

The “Pseudonym” account has some restrictions on the withdrawal of money, the size of transactions, etc. To use all the financial capabilities of the service, it is recommended to upgrade the type of passport to formal, initial, personal, or merchant.

To do this, provide reliable information about your identity. A verified wallet inspires more confidence in other system participants and allows, for example, to actively develop your business.

The advantages of our company

Hottelecom has been on the telecommunications market since 2009. During this time, we have worked with many private and legal clients. And have proved to be a reliable and responsible partner.

Today, we offer a full range of VoIP services at affordable prices. And a huge selection of subscriber numbers from different operators and countries. The service guarantees excellent communication quality, a high level of service, and prompt resolution of issues through the support service.

We are focused on customer needs and try to take into account everyone’s needs. At the same time, we always respect the confidentiality of users’ personal information.

Use a virtual number to register WebMoney from Hottelecom. And you will have wide opportunities for fast money transfers, purchases, sales, services, and much more

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