Russia Virtual Phone Numbers

Russian virtual numbers are a unique communication tool thanks to which most large companies, offices, online stores in the Russian Federation, and more operate successfully. The direct telephone number in Russia provides stable, high-quality, and inexpensive communication with clients and partners from all regions of the country.

Experience has shown, Russian online number is a must-have for modern small, medium, and large businesses. Holdings, banks, retail chains, online stores, travel agencies, and other structures have already assessed the benefits of buying a +7 number, digital telephony, and the convenience of communication without geographic reference.

A local number within Russia with the possibility of call forwarding allows you to keep in touch with subscribers from any region of the country. In terms of their functions and working algorithms, virtual numbers resemble those provided by local mobile operators.

The Russian virtual number will help not only to timely answer incoming calls but also receive SMS, faxes, voice messages, etc.

Advantages of Russian virtual numbers 

Hottelecom RF virtual number has a lot of advantages:

  • multiple channels;
  • free incoming calls;
  • lack of binding to the actual address;
  • integration with CRM systems;
  • reducing the cost of organizing and paying for communications.

It is possible to purchase a +7 number not only for commercial but also for personal use if you often recieve calls within the Russian Federation. Direct numbers for calls to Russia via VoIP technology provide an effective stable connection with minimal investment. It works through the SIP protocol which receives and makes calls over the Internet.

You can buy a Russian number not only for calls but also for sending SMS, faxes, and other files. By paying a monthly tariff, you can easily transfer any documents, messages, presentations, pictures, and other files the way cheaper than on the tariffs of mobile operators.

Who can buy a Russian virtual number?

+7 voice number and other VoIP services have already been assessed by numerous entrepreneurs, businessmen, sales managers, call center employees, and other specialists. IP telephony provides high-quality uninterrupted external and internal communication of the company.

You can also use IP telephony to organize communication channels between company branches, etc.

Russian virtual number is in demand due to a number of factors:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of communication due to the enhancement of Internet technologies;
  • favorable cost of communication at long distance and international level;
  • ease of connection, settings, and operation;
  • there is no need to connect additional equipment;
  • an abundance of useful functions for doing business;
  • lack of binding to a specific address that allows you to change the address while keeping the number.

The virtual Moscow phone number accepts incoming calls not only in the territory of the Russian Federation but also abroad. If the SMS service is connected to the tariff, then their forwarding will be carried out to e-mail.

It is convenient and safe since the Russian virtual phone number accepts messages from real users, and not spam, promotions, and other mailings.

Mobile for registration (Calls and SMS)$30$50+7 92Buy now

What are virtual Russian numbers and how do they work?

The advantages of IP telephony and +7 virtual numbers have been assessed by those that use them in business a long time ago. Operators who are within the same network receive a package of services at an affordable cost: videotelephony, conferences, etc.

It is convenient that the Russian virtual mobile number is not tied to a specific device, that is, it is possible to access the subscriber base and other data from any gadget, as all information is stored in the cloud server.

Most commonly, a Russian virtual phone number has 2 communication channels, but their number can be significantly expanded.

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Frequently asked questions about Russia phone numbers

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No. These numbers are for calls only

Once you have purchased virtual number,
it is assigned to you and will remain so throughout the entire period of paying a subscription fee

You can set up your incoming calls forwarded to your personal phone number, work phone number or SIP.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

What are the advantages of renting Russian virtual phone number?

By contacting Hottelecom, you can buy a Russian phone number and connect it as quickly and cheaply as possible. This service provides a bunch of benefits:

  1. The Russian virtual number accepts any calls without advertising the real contact details of the company.
  2. Providing a range of remote services at an affordable price. This will help any company to optimize communication costs, as well as not to lose a client.
  3. Possibility to choose a nice catchy number.
  4. Forwarding of calls received to a Russian telephone number is possible to any other region and even to another country.
  5. Maintaining the confidentiality of the office or enterprise location.

Many international companies use the opportunity to connect a virtual number in Russia to serve customers at the regional level. Even if your business is located outside of Russia, customers will be sure that they are calling to a mobile registered in Moscow or other cities.

Russia is a fairly large country so if you do business on the Internet or run a company with numerous branches, then the Russian virtual number for calls will definitely come in handy.

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Reasons to buy an RF virtual number

  1. Russian number for calls will allow you to receive calls and forward calls to free operators.
  2. Recognition among customers. Customers remember a beautiful corporate number faster, so they will always understand who is calling them and will answer the call.
  3. Due to integration with CRM, during a call, a client card with his personal data and call log is displayed on the PC.
  4. Cheap calls through a Russian virtual number not only within the Russian Federation but also to other countries.
  5. Extensive functional capabilities. IP telephony supports a number of functions that are not available for analog and digital PBX. By connecting a Russian virtual telephone number from Hottelecom, you will be able to use the voice menu, call forwarding, call recording, and storage, voice mail, etc.

What benefits does a client get if he buys a Russian number online?

Thanks to this service, doing business in such a huge country as the Russian Federation becomes more convenient, pleasant, and financially justified even for small companies. A Russian virtual mobile number provides a lot of advantages:

  • reducing the cost of calls;
  • rational distribution of the load on telephone lines;
  • creating a solid image for the company;
  • creation of optimal conditions not only for office but also for remote work of operators;
  • the option to set up forwarding of incoming calls to free operators;
  • integration with CRM;
  • use of multichannel numbers allowing to receive several calls at once;
  • creating new leads for new customers.

In addition to conversations within a single network, the Russian sip number allows you to record calls, forward calls to the mobile phone, etc. HotTelecom virtual telephony provides a range of functions that are not available for analog phones:

  1. Integration. Modern SIP equipment works together with other communications companies and providers, including Zoom and Microsoft. Due to this, the process of integration with CRM and other applications is greatly simplified.
  2. Easy to operate. To support cloud technologies, you can use the usual gadgets, which do not much differ in appearance from the usual mobile phones.
  3. Intelligent assistants. Thanks to them, SIP phones return different results after voice commands.
  4. High level of security. When communicating with clients, many companies try to keep their confidentiality, therefore they are interested in secure data transmission. Modern SIP phones are already designed to support this feature from the ground up.

Benefit from cooperation with a HotTelecom provider

By contacting our company to buy a Russian direct telephone number, you can find the best solution exactly for your business. We are ready to offer an extensive list of services.

Thanks to advantageous tariff packages, you will reduce communication costs, automate part of working processes, and establish communication between customers and employees. Our company has an extensive list of services for connecting Internet telephony. 

To become a HotTelecom client and buy a Russian virtual number, sign up on our website, fill out the appropriate application, and select the services you need in your personal account. Our managers will contact you and answer any questions. Our company guarantees:

  • protection of personal data;
  • convenient ways to pay for services;
  • fast connection;
  • high-quality communication in 90 countries of the world.

The cost of a Russian virtual number for calls is determined individually for each client based on the tariff. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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