The advantages of a Virtual Fax Number service by HotTelecom

Virtual Fax Number

This virtual number receives, processes and forwards Fax messages to the owner (Fax to email) in PDF format. With virtual Fax, it's not necessary to purchase an expensive Fax machine.

Advantages of a Fax number:

  • All Fax messages to a virtual number are automatically sent to your specified email address.

  • There is no human error, because Faxes are received automatically.
  • There is no outside line to worry about, no paper documents to load, and no risk of employees getting your correspondence out of order or lost.

  • In the event of a change of physical address or a move to another country, you keep your number. It will always receive Faxes.

Numbers are available from over 50 different countries. To protect your customers from that annoying “busy” signal when they send you a fax message, you can purchase several fax numbers at once.

How does the virtual Fax service work?

  • All documents send to the Fax number you purchased are forwarded to your personal email account;

  • The user can print the document at any time, not just at the time the Fax was received;
  • A history of all Faxes received is available to the user.

How to buy a virtual Fax number?

To purchase a virtual Fax number, there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the number you want at the price tag and register personal account on a website.
  2. Enter your forwarding email for fax messages (fax-to-email).
  3. Pay for your chosen number.

If the country you need is not listed, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once these numbers become available, our manager will contact you.

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