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Are the phones in your office constantly busy and do customers complain that they cannot reach out? Do you always have to buy new telephone lines and phones, pay for expensive mobile services? Does your company have several branches in different cities, and all of them have different quality of connection on the lines?

There is a service that allows you to store all data regardless of the equipment used – virtual telephony. IP telephony is a communication technology that is carried out over the Internet or any other IP network to make international and long distance phone calls, SMS, and faxes.

In this case, we recommend ordering a virtual fax service – Fax-to-Email that will solve all the problems described. Fax online helps to receive the corresponding messages in unlimited quantities to 1 virtual number.

Received faxes are forwarded to e-mail and stored in electronic format. This provides open access to messages from any gadget that has Internet access. You will also save on buying paper, printing files, etc.

It is possible to receive a fax not only on a PC but also on a tablet or phone. IP telephony provides high-quality continuous external and internal communication of the company, therefore it is actively used to organize communication channels between the branches of the company, etc.

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What is a virtual fax number?

The virtual fax number in a specific country code accepts documents by email. Its operation is provided by VoIP telephony, so it is not assigned to the telephone network and can be used anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. Received documents are routed to an e-mail box and archived in a separate folder.

The virtual fax number converts received messages to PDF format which can be viewed or printed if needed. It is important to indicate the email in your personal account when connecting the service. I

f you need to change the storage location of messages, you will need to contact the technical support service. Even if your business is located outside of Russia, customers will be sure that they are sending a fax message to a number registered in Moscow or other cities of the RF.


Popular Fax numbers

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
United Kingdom$30$25+44Buy

Frequently asked questions about Fax numbers

To purchase a fax number, you need to follow the instructions:

1. Register on our website and top up your balance.
2. Go to the “Buy a number” section in your personal account and select the “Fax” subsection.
3. Select the required country from the list.
4. Attach documents if they are being requested.
5. Checkout and wait for email notification.

Sending faxes is not possible, the number works only for receiving fax messages.

All messages will be sent to the email specified when purchasing the number in PDF format.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, the fax number will only work for receiving faxes. If you need to receive calls and SMS, purchase a mobile number of the country you are interested in with the function of receiving calls and messages.

How is sending fax over the Internet carried out?

The whole procedure for sending and receiving messages follows a specific algorithm. The customer dials your fax number, enters the internal fax number, if necessary, hears the fax reply, sends the fax, and the addressee receives it on his e-mail. You can receive or send a fax without buying an expensive machine. This service has several advantages:

  • fax messages received to the virtual number are automatically sent to the mail;
  • the human factor impact is completely eliminated since all processes take place at an automatic level;
  • you do not overload telephone lines and aren’t engaged in paperwork;
  • in case of changing the address or moving to another city/country, the number is saved and will continue to receive messages.

Virtual fax is a profitable solution for lucrative and efficient business. Thanks to it, many companies will save money on the purchase of expensive equipment as well as free up their telephone lines. And if the line is not overloaded, then clients will reach out to the company much faster.

Thanks to the favorable tariff packages from HotTelecom, you will reduce communication costs, automate part of work processes, and establish communication between customers and employees. Our company has an extensive list of services for connecting Internet telephony.

Why Customer Choose Us

We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

Customer-friendly support

You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

Free SIP-account

Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

Telegram Forwarding

You can easily forward your calls to telegram

100+ payment methods

We accept cryptocurrency payments

High quality connection

Stability and quality of connection is one of the main advantages of Hottelecom

Exotic countries’ local numbers

Connection up to 24 hours, with rare exceptions for a few areas

90+ countries available

Covering more than 90 countries

Benefits of online fax service

Access to documents will be open 24 hours a day, not only in the office but also at home. Virtual fax telephony has other advantages:

  1. Received messages and other documents are saved in electronic format which makes it much easier to track a flow of a corporate document.
  2. Any number of messages can be received at the same time.
  3. You will get rid of a bunch of expenses for toner, paper, purchase of the fax itself.
  4. The phone will be free, so there will be no problems with dialing.
  5. Subscribers have access to the history of all received messages.

Anyone can become a HotTelecom subscriber. On its website, you can find a list of countries where you can order virtual telephony. If there is no required direction in the list of services and countries, email the provider at [email protected], after which the manager will contact you.

How is the price of virtual fax determined?

Every telecommunication provider that provides virtual telephony services has a different cost of their services. Our company HotTelecom provides its services in more than 100 countries. Connecting virtual fax in Russia (Moscow) is free, but the monthly fee is $50 per month.

For other countries, different tariffs apply, which can be found here. All incoming messages are free, they are already included in the subscription fee. At an additional cost, you can set up receiving calls, messages, and faxes to 1 number.

The virtual fax number accepts faxes around the clock, that is,  you can read received messages at any time while on vacation, on the road, or holiday.

How to buy a fax number at HotTelecom?

In our company, you can purchase virtual fax at any time convenient for you regardless of location. To activate the service you need to:

  • sign up on the HotTelecom website;
  • enter your personal account and replenish your account for at least 1 month;
  • specify a country from the list;
  • select the type of number (fax);
  • configure settings for forwarding to email;
  • select the period for which you buy the service – from 1 to 12 months;
  • check the entered data and confirm the order.

Our company will provide round-the-clock operational connection of virtual telephony services in dozens of countries. All services will be activated as soon as possible. For all questions, you can contact our round-the-clock online technical support where each client will be provided with the necessary information and assistance if such a need arises.

Why is there a great demand for sending fax online?

The VoIP technology used is a guarantee of efficient work with minimal additional time and money. To ensure communication via IP networks, appropriate gateways are used which are connected to a telephone set or a PBX line. Even if the subscribers are at a great distance from each other, they will be able to communicate in real-time without interference.

Using virtual fax provides subscribers with a number of advantages:

  • profitable telecommunication at long-distance and international level;
  • ease of connection, settings, and operation;
  • there is no need to connect additional equipment;
  • a lot of useful functions for business development;
  • lack of binding to a specific address which allows you to keep the issued virtual number even after moving;
  • expansion and simplification of existing phone functions.

Communication via virtual telephony will delight you with easy scalability. Many subscribers appreciate this service for its low cost. If you need to often communicate with clients, friends, or relatives who are in another city or country then virtual fax will help you save on this.

Is it difficult to activate this service?

Many newcomers who are not yet familiar with IP telephony have a lot of questions regarding the quality of services, cost and connection speed, etc. Cooperating with HotTelecom, each new subscriber will receive a free SIP account if he decides to purchase a virtual number.

It can be requested in a personal account right away after registration in a specific section. It is convenient that you can pay for a particular service in any way, including cryptocurrency while each client remains anonymous and confidential.

Most of our services are connected within 24 hours right away after purchase, and there is no need to buy special expensive equipment. If you want to receive not only calls but also fax messages, then order this service from our manager or set the settings yourself in personal account.

The connected number has no time limits, the main thing is to timely deposit the subscription fee into the account. By paying a monthly rate, you can easily transfer any documents, messages, presentations, pictures, and other files by fax number much cheaper than at the rates of local operators.

  • protection of personal data;
  • convenient ways to pay for services;
  • fast connection;
  • high-quality communication in 90+ countries of the world.

Connection cost is determined individually for each client based on the tariff.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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