Emerging issues
A usual problem among VIP clients is small or no difference in service quality, even when they pay the top dollar. They buy a status that is more like a price tag of solvency, rather than the promised individual approach. People quickly get annoyed by such an attitude and leave. If you value your loyal customers, show them that they are special and their problems are on the top of the agenda. At the same time, you do not need to forget about the main workflow, just set your priorities in the call processing system straight.

Start with replacing all your numbers with one multichannel or hot line number (800 number) that ensures simultaneous monitoring of all incoming calls. Then set the service priority with black and white lists so that only calls from VIP users are directed to managers or leading specialists. Conditional redirection will forward all the other calls to free employees or voice mail, followed by processing in offline mode. Thus, the most important customers will definitely receive the high-class service, and the rest will be able to resolve their questions in a queue.


Multi-channel number

It is a number for processing calls by several operators simultaneously. It provides customer service without using a separate number for each call.

Number 800

It is a multichannel number with calls that are free for the client. This feature is ideal for hotlines that provide free communication with the company.

Black and white lists

This feature allows you to prioritize your VIP clients. The black list blocks calls from the specified numbers, and the white one blocks the numbers that do not fall into the privileged category.

Voice mail

It is a service for recording and sending voice messages to company/department/employee email. It allows you to support customers offline, even if the phone line is too busy.

Conditional call forwarding

Forwarding of incoming calls is triggered by one of the conditions: the subscriber is not available/does not respond/is busy at the moment. It is used to hold a client by redirecting to a free employee.

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