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Your company’s image depends on the quality of customer support. If you can not guarantee the protection of users, provide them with round-the-clock support and notifications, then you will be overrun by your competitors. It may seem that the implementation of all these services requires a radical restructuring of the security and service systems, but this is just a false impression. You can just use our Virtual SMS numbers interface. Thanks to that, you can organize a reliable two-step verification and automatic user notifications without hiring additional staff or purchasing of special equipment.


Two-step verification is required upon creating or logging into client’s account. After the password is entered, a user receives an SMS with a confirmation code. Thus, the client will be sure that no one else will get access to his data, even in case of password being stolen. SMS notification is triggered by client activity. A person will automatically receive all the necessary information about the status of their order, its number, terms of implementation, etc. SMS API does not require constant monitoring, which allows you to manage the workflow 24/7.



It is a programming interface for managing system security and trigger SMS notifications. It enables automatic identification of users and helps in notifications management.

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