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Although the Internet is increasingly gaining an audience, SMS remains an indispensable means of bulk messaging. There is no need in connection with the server, the long-forgotten password from the electronic box, or the messenger that blocks notifications - SMS always reaches the addressee. Cons of this method are the following: prompt delivery to a large number of rooms, control and management of the client base. However, the use of virtual numbers eliminates these shortcomings.


Firstly, the organization of distribution by means of a virtual number saves money. You can only imagine how much will sending a million messages cost at the rates of a mobile operator. When renting a virtual number, you only pay for the days of using the service. The client databases are managed through the personal account on the website, and the service information sent with the message ensures the delivery control. With our solution, you can conduct daily advertising mailings, inform about promotions and upcoming events. Now you can congratulate your customers on holidays, showing concern and reminding about yourself once again.


Multichannel number

It is a number that supports receiving several calls at the same time. It guarantees a high percentage rate of successful customer call connection.

Callback API

It is the interface for collecting the feedback. It allows making calls in one click.

IVR recording

It is a tool for creating a custom connection channel. It allows you to use voice and audio inserts to create a custom voice menu for incoming calls to your client’s number.

Black and white lists

This feature allows you to prioritize service of your incoming calls. You can blacklist specified numbers and blocks calls from there, or you can whitelist other group of numbers and block all the other the numbers.

Conference calls

A service that allows organizing a communication channel between three or more subscribers. Used to conduct corporate meetings of company employees with the possibility of adding or excluding participants, as well as the merging several conferences.

Internal numbers

The function that allocates internal numbers to each user. It allows you to quickly connect specific members of the service.

Conditional redirecting

This is a service that allows organizing a communication channel between a group of users. It is used to conduct corporate meetings of company employees with the possibility of adding or excluding participants, as well as merging several conferences into one.


It is an automated call receiving feature. It works as a front line of customer support, reducing the load on the owner of the number.

Conditional call forwarding

Call forwarding is activated upon one of the following conditions: unavailability of the called subscriber, if the subscriber does not answer or if he is talking to someone else. This option is used to redirect incoming calls to alternative means of communication specified by the client.

Call recording

It is an additional feature for recording conversations. It can serve as a means for security and quality control of customer support delivered to the client.

Number 800

It is a multichannel number, or hotline number with calls that are free for the client. It allows to create a free connection with a client.

API for statistics

It is the program interface for obtaining qualitative indicators of the call-center. It obtains statistical information that is necessary for further optimization and debugging of the workflow.

Caller ID

It identifies client’s number during outgoing calls. This feature is not supported by 800 number. Caller ID feature allows the client to become identifiable thanks to his number and name being displayed when calling.

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