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Can you imagine a manager whose only concern is sitting back in an armchair and spending hours thinking about business strategies? Or maybe a one who is eagerly planning his weekend among dynamic people, who are just like him? Do you think it is possible in movies only? You can not live like this, because you are in constant pursuit of customers, but you will not last for long this way. Do yourself a favour, take a step towards change. Get rid of the handsets that are impossible to answer each time they ring; forget about a tangle of wires that will not keep the business up and running, you should better organize communication in a convenient way and start enjoying you work.
In order not to lose any of your clients, we offer multichannel numbers, 800-number, internal numbers and SIP-accounts for organization of the call-center network. In such a way, you will save on office equipment. In addition, you will get customizable control of incoming calls. Set up the IVR feature and let the client communicate with the right employee. Having got rid of organizational questions, you reduce the workload so that your team will focus on priority issues. There is a whole set of features that will increase the interactivity: IVR, the recording of voice menu items; Caller ID, the number display service for outgoing calls, and internal redirection. There is a special API for statistics as well.

SIP account

SIP account is a type of account that is bound a specific employee within the company. It is used to organize a network of call-center and allows for rapid expansion.

Multichannel number

This number type is used for processing calls by several operators simultaneously. It provides customer service without using a separate number for each call.

800 number

It is a multichannel number, that is free to call for the client. It allows for hotline organization that provides the company with free feedback.


This tool automatically answers and manages incoming calls. Performs the function of preliminary customer support, reducing the load on employees of the call-center.

IVR recording

A tool for creating voice menu items. There are several item types available: voice accompaniment, musical inserts and audio effects.

IVR recording

A tool for registration of voice menu items with voice accompaniment, musical inserts and effects. Allows you to achieve the necessary interactivity when setting up the Voice menu routing.

Conditional call forwarding

Call forwarding is activated upon one of the following conditions: unavailability of the called subscriber, if the subscriber does not answer or if he is talking to someone else. This option is used to hold a client by redirecting them to free employee.

Internal numbers

The function that allocates individual internal numbers to each one of office workers. This allows you to quickly connect specific members of the corporate network.

Сall recording

It is an additional feature for recording conversations. This can serve as a means for quality control of customer service delivered by call centre workers.

API for statistics

It is the program interface for obtaining qualitative indicators of the call-center. It obtains statistical information that is necessary for further optimization and debugging of the workflow.

Caller ID

It identifies the company number during outgoing calls. This feature is not supported by 800 number. Caller ID feature allows the client to identify the caller as your company and contact you later with further inquiries.

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