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In some cases, SMS confirmation is required to identify or confirm your identity, however, this way, many companies simply collect the contact information of users and then start sending them their advertisements, promotions, etc.

To protect yourself from annoying spam, we advise you to purchase a virtual number for SMS in Ukraine. This service is free for those who use virtual telephony.

A virtual number for receiving SMS in Ukraine can be used in different cases:

  • protection from fraudsters by specifying another number for receiving SMS instead of a personal phone;
  • registration on sites that do not support the country of the mobile operator;
  • checking the delivery of SMS sent from another phone;
  • check of presence of registration in case of problems with sending SMS to another phone number.

Having a +380 virtual number for SMS, you can keep in touch with people from any country, while saving your budget and using funds rationally to pay for additional services. If you are interested in developing your business, use a virtual PBX and its service package, including SMS numbers in Ukraine to receive messages.

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Receive text messages for business when you get your own virtual number. Whether it’s for personal use or business, enjoy the advantages such as getting in touch with family and friends even when you’re not in Ukraine , and not changing your number any more just to stay connected to clients.

What are Ukrainian virtual numbers for SMS?

Ukrainian numbers for receiving SMS are numbers from which calls will be forwarded free of charge to SIP devices in any country in the world. This allows you to be in touch with business partners, clients, friends, relatives.

An online number SMS in Ukraine will help attract more customers and receive more calls to landline or mobile phones, SIP devices, and voice mail.

This service will help you and your customers to reduce the costs of international calls, as well as to effectively conduct business remotely, even without a physical presence in the country.

Receiving UkrainianSMS numbers from Hottelecom is carried out via the Internet protocol. If needed, all functions can be set online. Ukrainian virtual numbers for receiving SMS operate wherever there is an Internet.

You can receive/send messages in different ways. You do not need a physical phone to work with text messages, access to all data is stored in the virtual cloud.

On the Hottelecom website, you can see a list of other countries besides Ukraine where the connection of virtual telephony and the usage of this service is available.

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Frequently asked questions about Ukrainian SMS numbers

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can receive SMS online Ukraine number and  request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No, these numbers are for receive SMS online Ukraine only.

At the moment this option is not available

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virtual SMS number Ukraine HotTelecom

How exactly does the virtual number for SMS in Ukraine function?

Digital numbers will help you personally assess all the benefits of modern IP-telephony. These include:

  • cloud PBX;
  • free incoming calls to SIP;
  • call forwarding to landline and mobile phones, SIP devices;
  • forwarding to a group of managers.

Ukrainian virtual SMS number receives and sends messages using different means – through a softphone, through forwarding to a phone, via E-mail, HTTP, SMPP ESME, SMPP SMSC.

The number for receiving SMS in Ukraine attracts numerous customers due to the following reasons:

  • it does not distribute personal data of its owners to other subscribers;
  • it allows you to use a paid number for personal use as a financial one for online banking;
  • virtual numbers for receiving SMS in Ukraine can be used constantly, and not one-time;
  • protects the number from actions of fraudsters.

The difference between a regular number and a virtual one is that in the first case, SMS comes to the phone number itself, and in the second, they can be seen in the web interface from any gadget.

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SMS numbers in other countries

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
Hong Kong$0$140+852
United Kingdom0$$15+44
Puerto Rico$10$10+40
Ivory Coast$60$80+225
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Rent of number for SMS in Ukraine from HotTelecom

HotTelecom has been offering its services in the field of telecommunication services since 2009. Thanks to its virtual telephony, many companies have managed to improve the efficiency of their employees, they got the opportunity to call the client back if there were missed calls.

Also, after a while, it will be possible to listen to the conversation and refresh in memory all the questions you discussed with the client. It is convenient that the virtual number in Ukraine for SMS provides an opportunity to call abroad, which quality of data transmission will not differ from calls within the country.

Digital telephony services from Hottelecom have a number of advantages:

  • the development of virtual telecommunications allows a clear signal to be transmitted over long distances;
  • low cost of communication services;
  • telephony is easy to connect and configure;
  • PBX functionality does not require to be additionally configured;
  • there is no binding to a specific address, so if you move to another building, you will still have telephony;
  • simplified and advanced phone functions.

You can choose a tariff plan for virtual telephony based on your communication needs. For more broad options, an advanced tariff plan is suitable.

On the HotTelecom website, you can purchase virtual numbers for IP telephony, toll-free (800) numbers, a virtual phone number for SMS in Ukraine, or a disposable number for social networks. Thanks to these services, each client will significantly save time and material costs.

This provider extends its services to 100 countries, so you can connect an SMS number for any of them. You can choose the Ukrainian phone number for SMS at any time. You will need a minimum time to set up the functionality of virtual telephony and reception of SMS to a virtual number in Ukraine.

These works are carried out remotely using the Internet, which will allow the customer not to be tied to a specific address. To do this, you need to install software that will support the efficiency of IP telephony.

SMS receive Ukraine: reasons to choose IP telephony

There are several reasons why virtual telephony and SMS receiving service in Ukraine will be a useful and convenient tool:

  • saving on communication services, in particular, if you regularly call abroad;
  • the possibility to organize remote workplaces from different cities;
  • a simple way to connect without using complex equipment;
  • introduction of PBX. Many companies can use several communication stations at once, while they will be combined into one virtual telephony.

How to get a +380 Ukraine virtual number SMS?

Follow these steps to receive SMS to Ukrainian virtual number:

  • sign up or log in on the HotTelecom website;
  • deposit money to the account to pay for services for a month;
  • select a type of number;
  • specify the country (Ukraine) and city (operator code);
  • set the option of SMS reception in Ukraine with forwarding;
  • verify the entered data and confirm the order.

If you have any difficulties with connecting, or you do not find the service you need, you can contact our managers by phone or email us at [email protected]. Besides phone number for SMS in Ukraine, you can order other IP-telephony products from us.

What advantages will you get if you decide to buy a Ukrainian SMS number?

This service has numerous advantages among analogs. Regardless of your location, Ukrainian subscribers will be able to send or receive SMS in Ukraine at a single local rate. By connecting a digital number, each Hottelecom subscriber receives a number of other useful services:

  • high-quality communication in any region without the need to purchase a SIM card or PBX equipment;
  • free SIP account;
  • lack of billing incoming calls;
  • at least 2 communication channels are assigned to each subscriber, this number can be increased if needed;
  • free use of voicemail
  • the possibility to receive SMS online in Ukraine through a personal online account;
  • integration with CRM and the option to view call history;
  • convenient settings for call forwarding and other functions through personal account;
  • prompt consultations of technical support.

Cooperation with Hottelecom provides unique opportunities for business growth, improving communication quality, and attracting new customers.

We guarantee the anonymity and protection of the personal data of each client. Our company provides its services 24 hours a day and maintains the confidentiality of the personal information of each client.

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