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Lithuanian virtual numbers for receiving messages are an effective tool for accessible communication with residents and guests of the country. The service is also suitable for those who want to remain anonymous when registering on a certain resource and do not want to provide personal data. This is an ideal option for sending advertising, creating multiple accounts on the site, and reliable protection of personal information from fraudsters.

VoIP allows renting virtual number with a specific country code, which will be perceived as a regular regional phone. This allows you to communicate much cheaper with local residents and forget about large bills for international telephony.

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Receive text messages for business when you get your own virtual number. Whether it’s for personal use or business, enjoy the advantages such as getting in touch with family and friends even when you’re not in Lithuania , and not changing your number any more just to stay connected to clients.

Information about the country and the prospects for connecting a Lithuanian number

The Republic of Lithuania is located in the north of the European continent, according to the latest data, it is inhabited by about 2.8 million people. The country is a member of the European Union and NATO.

And attracts with its high standard of living and favorable conditions for business development. The largest Baltic state has access to the Baltic Sea. It is famous for its ancient architectural masterpieces and numerous historical and cultural monuments. Just what its capital – Vilnius – is worth with an atmospheric center, old buildings, and narrow cobbled streets.

Despite its relatively small size, the entire history of the state is the history of a proud and hardworking nation striving for freedom and democracy. The difficult historical path only hardened the Lithuanians and helped create a renewed country. Like amber popular in these places, it has come a long way and turned into real Baltic gold.

The good location, prosperous life, and close European mentality make the Republic of Lithuania attractive for tourism and moving for many representatives of our country. When visiting Lithuania, phone numbers will help you communicate with local residents and various local services.

Seeing the familiar number +370, a Lithuanian will consider you his compatriot, which often contributes to confidential communication at the first stage of acquaintance.

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Why do I need an SMS number of Lithuania?

Virtual SMS numbers of Lithuania are a convenient and affordable service that provides the following features:

  1. Communicate in text mode, while maintaining the anonymity of your personal phone and location.
  2. Verify an account on an online resource of interest without specifying a personal number and the risk of being attacked by spam mailings.
  3. Bypass restrictions on the registration of foreigners on local forums, bulletin boards, and other Internet sites.

Thus, a digital telephone for SMS may be needed for various purposes. Bloggers and social media promoters use them to increase the number of callers, and post comments and likes from different accounts.

Entrepreneurs – launch promotions and SMS mailings. And ordinary Internet users register on various sites without risking a personal phone number.

Frequently asked questions about Lithuanian SMS numbers

No. These numbers are only for SMS.

No, we provide a service for receiving SMS only. You can send SMS from our website. But not from the number.

You need to choose a number with the label “For registration”. We can’t guarantee SMS from the services for 100%.

Usually, the numbers are activated within 1-2 business days.

You can set up SMS forwarding to email, mobile phone, or your HTTP server.

Yes, you can pay for all our services in cryptocurrency. All our payment methods you can check in your personal account.

Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

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Additional benefits of using VoIP

In addition to renting a phone from the desired country, the user gets the opportunity to connect various additional options to improve the efficiency of telephony. As a rule, the maximum functionality is used in call centers and service departments.

Calling such a Lithuanian phone number, the caller hears a voice greeting with information about the company’s work, promotions, events, and news. To brighten up the waiting for the operator’s response, it is convenient to set pleasant background music.

As well as quickly redirect the client to a specific specialist, and develop an interactive menu. In this case, the caller gets the opportunity to independently select the desired department by tone extension dialing.

Another important function of a cloud phone is statistics and call recording, which allows you to evaluate the quality of the work of operators and customer service. Recently, most client services companies use another useful option of VoIP – free incoming calls.

SMS numbers in other countries

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
Hong Kong$0$140+852
United Kingdom0$$15+44
Puerto Rico$10$10+40
Ivory Coast$60$80+225
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How to buy Lithuanian SMS number without a physical SIM card and other difficulties?

One of the main advantages of telephony is the ability to quickly, conveniently, and cheaply connect a virtual number of almost any country in the world without leaving your own home.

Renting an SMS number in Lithuania or another country is carried out as follows:

  1. The user registers on the website of the virtual phone provider with brief personal data.
  2. The personal account is replenished for the cost of connecting a cloud service, taking into account the duration of work for long-term services.
  3. The required country and phone type are selected, text message forwarding is configured, and the service order is confirmed.
  4. After checking the application by the company’s specialist, the purchased number is displayed in the user’s personal account on the site.

The maximum term for connecting VoIP is 24 hours from the moment of the order. Exceptions can only be too exotic phones.

After connecting the service, all that remains is to send your virtual number to the desired addressee and start communicating.

The cloud phone is not assigned to a specific physical location and makes it possible to receive SMS online Lithuania anywhere in the world, provided you have access to the Internet. Receiving messages is possible on a smartphone or email.

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Why is it worth buying numbers of Lithuania and other countries on the website of our company?

HotTelecom offers to buy Lithuanian SMS numbers and many other effective Internet services. Compared to other VoIP providers, we are distinguished by:

  • extensive experience in the telecommunications services market — since 2009;
  • many satisfied customers – more than 11,000;
  • a large selection of virtual numbers from different countries of the world – over 90;
  • a variety of payment methods for services – more than 100;
  • a full range of cloud telephony services;
  • temporary and permanent sms numbers;
  • signal redirection to the user-selected direction;
  • fast connection and high-quality telephone communication.

In the personal account, each client can independently change the forwarding settings, and track their statistics and the balance of funds on the account. Internet technology guarantees high-quality communication and instant automatic redirection to a smartphone or other gadget. Thanks to reliable communication, you will not miss a single important message and can always stay in touch.

If in the course of operation, you have questions about using cloud telephony, be sure to contact our qualified technical support for advice. Prompt response 24/7 is guaranteed.

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