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VoIP have opened up unique opportunities for high-quality, cheap, and functional telephony. Today, you can connect a phone in another country without buying a SIM card and concluding an agreement with a local communication provider. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your home to rent a Latvian SMS number or another cloud service.

Service connection is carried out as simply and quickly as possible. At the same time, the owner of the number can be on another continent and use the “internal” number +371 for text messages.

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Receive text messages for business when you get your own virtual number. Whether it’s for personal use or business, enjoy the advantages such as getting in touch with family and friends even when you’re not in Latvia , and not changing your number any more just to stay connected to clients.

Advantages of rent Latvia sms number

VoIP has many advantages over wired and mobile communications. The main ones are as follows:

  • Signal transmission method. Unlike a classic wired and more modern mobile phone, a virtual number operates based on the data transfer protocols over the Internet.
  • High mobility. Virtual SMS number of Latvia is not tied to a physical address, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of a wired device. Also, the cloud phone is not connected to a grid of cell stations and works anywhere with Internet access.
  • Large selection of services. Internet technologies make it possible to rent a phone of the country of interest, being far beyond its borders. Moreover, buy a Latvian number for calls, faxes, and SMS, and exclusively for text messages.
  • The anonymity of communication. IP technologies allow you to connect any number of virtuall numbers from different cities and countries, which is convenient for maintaining the privacy of your personal phone.
  • Reliability and safety. Innovative technologies ensure high quality and uninterrupted signal. And the introduction of “advanced” data encryption protocols allows you not to worry about the security of transmitted information.
  • Wide functionality. Unlike classic types of telephone communication, a cloud number allows you to use various additional functions – voice mail, an interactive menu, saving a record of conversations, and much more.

Most companies today prefer to buy a Latvian VoIP number for customer service and internal business communication. Almost any call center works thanks to a multi-channel virtual number. Many of them activated the popular feature of the cloud service – free incoming calls.

It’s easy to get, convenient to use, and the benefits to you and your business are endless. So don’t hesitate to consider getting a paid SMS number now, whether it’s for a small personal business or if you’re thinking of finally expanding to be able to cater to more clients and customers.

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Frequently asked questions about Latvian SMS numbers

No. These numbers are only for SMS.

No, we provide a service for Latvia SMS receive only.

Yes, this number is for registration purposes.

Usually, the numbers are activated within 1-2 business days.

You can set up SMS forwarding to email, mobile phone, or your HTTP server.

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Latvia number SMS from HotTelecom

Latvia: phone numbers for life, travel, and business

Each country has its own “feature”, which is noticed by most guests. Latvia is usually associated with the cool Baltic, warm amber, northern nature, and the main element of the local cuisine – salmon.

Only about 1.9 million people live in this small, amazing region. Restrained and hospitable Latvians are proud of their ancient castles, elegant city architecture, ancient culture, and traditions. And the famous beaches of Jurmala invariably attract vacationers from different parts of Europe and the world.

Latvia is a unitary state, a parliamentary republic headed by a prime minister. The country is a member of the UN, the European Union, and NATO, which already speaks of political stability and a decent standard of living.

The convenient geographical location has become the reason for the active development of logistics and the orientation of the country’s economy towards it. In addition, tourism, the banking sector, the food industry, and many other industries are actively represented here.

Why is it worth buying the +371 number? The service is ideal for traveling or temporary living in the country and messaging with locals. It can be used to communicate with family and friends who are on its territory.

The virtual SMS number of Latvia is ideal for registration on local resources and global online platforms in the areas of trade, education, culture, etc. At the same time, the system will perceive the number as an internal one, which allows you to bypass restrictions for foreigners and pay for services at local rates.

SMS numbers in other countries

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
Hong Kong$0$140+852
United Kingdom0$$15+44
Puerto Rico$10$10+40
Ivory Coast$60$80+225
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Why Customer Choose Us

We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

Customer-friendly support

You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

Free SIP-account

Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

Telegram Forwarding

You can easily forward your calls to telegram

100+ payment methods

We accept cryptocurrency payments

High quality connection

Stability and quality of connection is one of the main advantages of Hottelecom

Exotic countries’ local numbers

Connection up to 24 hours, with rare exceptions for a few areas

90+ countries available

Covering more than 90 countries

How to buy a Latvian SMS number and receive sms Latvia?

The connection of digital telephony is carried out as follows:

  1. Registration on the site with a real name, email address, and phone number.
  2. Getting acquainted with the working conditions, prices, the interface of the site, and the user’s personal account.
  3. Replenishment of a personal account for the cost of connecting the service, taking into account the rental time (at least one month of use).
  4. Selecting a country and phone type, setting up call forwarding, and buying a Latvian number to receive messages.
  5. Waiting for the connection of your number after checking the data by our specialists, the standard service activation time is within 24 hours after the application is made.
  6. Using the service to receive SMS from Latvia from various services, services, online resources, individuals, and businesses.

Please note that in order to rent a one-time OTP number, you only need to pay the cost of connecting the service. After receiving a text message, the use of the service is terminated.

Therefore, one-time services are not recommended for registering on resources where the phone may be needed to restore access to the account or for other important purposes.

receive SMS Latvia from HotTelecom

Where can I quickly and conveniently buy a Latvian sms number?

There are many sites on the Internet that provide cloud telephony services. It should be noted that the choice of a VoIP provider determines the quality and security of communication. HotTelecom definitely has something to be proud of.

Over 11,000 individuals and legal entities have become our clients for 13 years of continuous work on the market. During this period, we have gained a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner who can be fully trusted.

Today, our site offers Latvian numbers and phones from 90+ countries of the world. Due to a wide range of services, each user can choose the best communication option at an affordable price.

For maximum customer comfort, we have provided the possibility of paying for 100+ services in various ways. And a free SIP account to optimize international communication costs.

A virtual phone will help you stay in touch with your contacts at all times. At the same time, you can send or receive a message from your personal account on our website.

And, if needed, choose a “gold” number for easy memorization by your friends and clients.Connect Latvian SMS number and communicate freely with this beautiful Baltic country.

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