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Our company provides services for obtaining test confirmations and activation codes online. They make it possible to sign up on the sites of interest without specifying a real phone number. And insure against advertising, spam, and other annoying messages in the future.

Digital SMS numbers of the Czech Republic allow you to maintain confidentiality and pass verification in the country without buying a physical SIM card or installing additional equipment. At the same time, the connection of a digital subscriber number does not require the signing of contracts and is carried out online.

What is cloud telephony and how does it work

Digital telephony operates based on signal transmission technology over the Internet. Such communication is convenient both for personal and for business communication. The cloud service is characterized by high reliability and high-quality signal without interruptions and interference.

This is the best option to provide a remote presence in the Czech Republic or any other country. And get an effective tool for internal corporate communication of the company and keeping in touch with customers and partners around the world.

Calls, faxes, and SMS are automatically forwarded to the owner of the digital service according to the selected forwarding settings. The following devices can be used for this:

  • stationary device;
  • mobile phone;
  • computer device.

Receiving calls on a computer, tablet, laptop, or other computer device requires the installation of a special program. In this case, communication is carried out through a SIP account. One of the advantages of this technology is the option to change the direction of call forwarding at any time. To do this, you do not need to contact technical support, just personally set the necessary settings in your account on the site.

Since a cloud phone is not tied to a physical location, you can use it anywhere in the world. At the same time, the callers think that they are with the owner of the digital subscriber number in the same country. And they pay for calls or messages at the standard rates of their telephone operator.

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Frequently asked questions about Czech SMS numbers

Yes. You can set call forwarding to the SIP account, Telegram account, or your mobile phone number.

No, we provide a service for receive SMS Czech Republic only.

Yes, this number is for registration purposes. You can use service –  receive SMS online Czech number – for registration if there is the label “for registration”.

Usually, the numbers are activated within 1-2 business days.

You can set up SMS Czech Republic forwarding to email, mobile phone, or your HTTP server.

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What are the benefits of using digital telephony and SMS receive Czech?

The cloud number of the Czech Republic for receiving messages belongs to one-time services. All you need to use is a device with internet access. A test message can be received in the personal account of the site through a web browser.

The whole process from ordering a cloud subscriber number to completing verification on the selected resource takes a matter of minutes.

Our services have the following benefits:

  • Mobility. The digital subscriber number of the selected country can be used anywhere in the world. This is the optimal solution for setting up a remote office in Prague, the Czech Republic or another city/state.
  • Multichannel. The option to receive calls on multiple lines allows you to organize an efficient support service with optimal distribution of calls between operators.
  • Additional functions. Cloud forwarding telephony can include a welcome message, voice mail, IVR menu, call recording, free incoming calls, and other additional options to improve communication efficiency.
  • Cost optimization. The subscriber number of the selected country allows you to significantly reduce the cost of telephone conversations with local subscribers. Cloud telephony helps to forget about the huge bills for international calls.

SMS numbers in other countries

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
Puerto Rico$10$10+40
Hong Kong$0$140+852
United Kingdom0$$15+44
Ivory Coast$60$80+225
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Why Customer Choose Us

We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

Customer-friendly support

You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

Free SIP-account

Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

Telegram Forwarding

You can easily forward your calls to telegram

100+ payment methods

We accept cryptocurrency payments

High quality connection

Stability and quality of connection is one of the main advantages of Hottelecom

Exotic countries’ local numbers

Connection up to 24 hours, with rare exceptions for a few areas

90+ countries available

Covering more than 90 countries

Why do I need an SMS number for the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a country with a population of about 11 million, located in the central part of Europe. It was formed as a result of the so-called “velvet divorce” – the collapse of Czechoslovakia. Today the Czech Republic is a full-fledged member of NATO and the European Union. And the nominal GDP per capita is $23,539, which corresponds to the 42nd place in the world ranking.

The Czech Republic is a popular tourist destination among residents of many post-Soviet countries. Rich history, unique sights, and delicious cuisine attract many travelers to the country. A sufficiently high level of wages becomes the reason for active labor migration. At the same time, registration on local sites, job search, and comfortable communication with the Czechs require a local phone number. VoIP allows you to get it in a few minutes – at an affordable price and without leaving your own home.

In addition, a temporary Czech subscriber number helps to test dubious resources without the risk of being included in the spam mailing list. And also protect yourself from fraudulent sites where paid subscriptions and services are connected without the user’s wish. In this case, you do not have to buy a physical SIM card. However, the main advantage of a cloud subscriber number is the ability to become a “Czech”  for a specific site or subscriber for a while.

How to buy an SMS number for the Czech Republic?

The process of renting and using cloud SMS activation is as follows:

  1. Register on the site or log in if you have already used our services before.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the rules of work, select the country and the necessary service.
  3. Top up your personal account for the cost of the subscriber number in any suitable way.
  4. Check all the information and order the service.
  5. Copy the issued phone and paste it into the registration form to receive an SMS with a confirmation code or transfer it to the desired subscriber.
  6. Receive SMS from the Czech Republic in your personal account and use as intended.
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Why should you Receive SMS Online Czech using HotTelecom services?

The reliability of the signal and the security of the user’s personal information depend on the provider of digital telephony services. Therefore, experts recommend using the services of well-established companies.

HotTelecom has been on the telecommunications market since 2009. Over the past period, more than 11,000 customers from different parts of the world have used cloud services. Many of them have become our regular customers. We help to establish telephone communication for both individuals and companies, offering a full range of VoIP services.

You can buy SMS numbers of the Czech Republic and more than 90 countries of the world from us. In this case, the payment does not depend on the location of the client, but only on the selected routing. Digital data is securely protected by encryption protocols, which allows you not to worry about the security of the transmitted information.

Our specialists have developed a practical interface and provided over 100 payment methods for the convenience of customers. Calls and messages are forwarded automatically. Qualified support service is ready to answer any questions you may have 24/7.

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