Prices of Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

Rock on your company with the most powerful PBX tool you have ever met.


only $65

For $65 you will get an access to different types of calls forwarding, IVR trees, black-/white- lists and much more. If you need just few of them, it is not necessary to order the whole Hottelecom Virtual PBX package. You can easily setup only those functions important for your company now.


Service Price (USD)
Conditional call forwarding on two directions + IVR (one recording) FREE of charge
IVR  recording 5
Complicated IVR-tree recording (recording + configuration) 15
Conditional call forwarding (from  3 to 5 directions) 10
Conditional  call forwarding (6+ directions) 30
Conversation recording 25
IVR with extension dialing (up to 5 numbers) 15
IVR with extension dialing (6+ numbers) 20
Conference call 15
To set Schedule for automatically forwarding calls 10
Hold on line option 10
Inward numbers (up to 5 numbers) 10


Virtual PBX