Price of Virtual SMS Numbers

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Here you can find all information about setup prices and monthly fees’ for virtual SMS numbers.


Countries Country code Prices, USD Calls support/
Cost per minute, USD
International Reach
Armenia 374 Show Yes Yes Buy
Australia 61 Show No Yes Buy
Austria 43 Show No Yes Buy
Belarus 375 Show Yes Yes Buy
Belgium 32 Show No No Buy
Canada 1 Show Yes Yes Buy
Chile 56 Show No Possibly Buy
Costa Rica 506 Show No Possibly Buy
Croatia 385 Show No Possibly Buy
Czech Republic 420 Show Yes/0,01 Possibly Buy
Estonia 372 Show No Yes Buy
Finland 358 Show Yes/0,01 Possibly Buy
France 33 Show Yes/0,01 Possibly Buy
Guatemala 502 Show No No Buy
Honduras 504 Show No Possibly Buy
Hong Kong 852 Show No Yes Buy
Hungary 36 Show No No Buy
Indonesia 62 Show Yes/0,02 Possibly Buy
Ireland 353 Show No Yes Buy
Israel 972 Show Yes/0,02 No Buy
Kazakhstan 7 Show Yes/0,01 No Buy
Latvia 371 Show Yes Yes Buy
Lithuania 370 Show No Possibly Buy
Malaysia 60 Show Yes/0,03 Possibly Buy
Mexico 52 Show No No Buy
Norway 47 Show Yes/0,01 No Buy
Philippines 63 Show Yes Yes Buy
Poland 48 Show No Yes Buy
Portugal 351 Show No No Buy
Puerto Rico 1-787, 1-939 Show No No Buy
Russia 7 Show Yes Yes Buy
Rwanda 250 Show No No Buy
Slovakia 421 Show No No Buy
Spain 34 Show No No Buy
Sweden 46 Show Yes/0,01 Yes Buy
Switzerland 41 Show No Possibly Buy
Taiwan 886 Show Yes Yes Buy
Ukraine 380 Show No Yes Buy
United Kingdom 44 Show Yes/0,01 Local - No
Mobile - Possibly
USA 1 Show Yes/0,01 Possibly Buy


Some virtual SMS numbers support calls forwarding function but it is additionally charged. All the details and prices can be found in the table above.

Due to the specifics of local legislation HotTelecom can guaranty an SMS receiving only from the country which local SMS number was bought. For example, you can receive messages to you DE virtual number only from Germany.


virtual SMS number


If you are interested in a number that is not on the list you can send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. request or contact our technical support. We will inform you as soon as this number will be available.

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