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Outbound VoIP calls with caller ID

As the name suggests, a caller ID is an efficient identification tool to determine your callers. It is a must for every business so you can instantly sort out or filter business calls from personal ones. Having outbound phone numbers will increase your lead generation without hurting your pocket. Outbound calls can be made by purchasing VoIP number from Hottelecom, your trusted provider of all your communication needs.

With Hottelecom’s virtual numbers, you can now enjoy the freedom of expanding your business across the globe. This will also increase your strong presence to your clients and customers since they can put their trust in you, knowing that you are reaching for them via a local number. Thus eliminating any doubts they have in their minds.

Having a VoIP caller ID system integrated into your business is a far way better than the traditional numbers since the one that will be shown at your clients’ end is Hottelecom’s VoIP call number with caller ID and not your personal number. This will give you added protection in hiding your identity for personal and confidential matters.

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Add an outbound phone number to any device you need

Adding outbound phone numbers to your existing devices is a simple thing to do, but the benefits you are going to reap are immense. One of the advantages is keeping your business image aligned since your client will view you as a reliable business partner because you can return calls promptly. And this should be on top of your priority list if you want to maintain a professional and trustworthy image from your clients or customers, which is essential in any business nowadays.

Aside from the fact that it is cheaper than the usual international calls, it is far more flexible to reach your clients by making outgoing calls through Hottelecom’s outbound phone numbers. Exclusively designed for your business needs, you can be certain that you won’t miss any updates as well as you can reach your customers more quickly. This, in turn, will help to increase your customer satisfaction that would provide a positive impact on your overall business success.

Once you add Hottelecom’s outbound VoIP calls with caller ID to your communication system, you would certainly eliminate the chances of missing a call. Remember that in business, a miss call means a missed sale or opportunity to close a deal. That is one of the flexibility that virtual phone numbers can offer to you. You can make and receive calls and texts from any location, you can even take multiple calls at the same time by rerouting the call to another person in your team. Thus, no missing calls to worry about.

Once you purchase your virtual phone number from Hottelecom for your business needs, you can still use your mobile or landline phone number. You’ll never be confused since what you will get is a business number that is packed with helpful features while remaining your personal phone number in private.

Frequently asked questions about outbound calls

No, only your purchased virtual number can be used as a Caller ID.

To activate this option, please, contact our support team.

The price of outbound call is equal to the price of call forwarding of the incoming call to the real number of the needed country. Per-second billing.

No phone system equipment needed

Setting up your virtual phone number with a caller ID is so easy. You don’t need to buy any expensive phone system hardware to install. Everything about the VoIP call is cloud-based, making it seamless and almost effortless on your end. By following a step-by-step guide, you can almost set up your virtual phone system installation within 30 minutes or less. You don’t need to invest in either new telephone units or clunky hardware.

Aside from being easy to set up, updates and upgrades are almost instantly available to all subscribers. It means that you will be immediately notified once an update is available. And since it is designed exclusively for business use, you can be assured of more capabilities relevant to your business such as faxing, SMS, and online meetings.

You can start using your phone service almost immediately. And if you want, you can customize your existing phone system via your online account. Made for more flexibility and mobility, you can send your faxes, text messages, and make calls using your cell phones or other mobile devices utilizing your VoIP number. Assign all your calls to be routed to your chosen device.

All you need to enjoy the benefits and advantages of having a virtual phone number with caller ID is to sign up with Hottelecom service provider. And once signed up already, you can start making and receiving calls through the power of the Internet without the need to deal with cables and other specialized equipment or devices to make things work.

Here at Hottelecom, we strive to do our best to provide you with a robust communication solution for your personal and business needs. We are aware of how important communication service is in everyday business. If you need clarification and further information, our customer support is just an email away for customer assistance and other online resources.

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