A virtual number from VoIP telephony is a unique method of long-distance and international communication. It can be effectively used to receive incoming calls, but if you need to make outgoing calls, then you need to activate a SIP account.

You can connect outbound calls to your virtual phone number cheaply on the HotTelecom website, for this, there is a need to register a personal account, purchase a virtual phone number, pay a monthly fee, and activate the corresponding service by sending the request to our email: [email protected]. Together with the sip account, the IP telephony service with the substitution of the Caller ID number is connected free of charge.

Its main function is caller identification, it will be useful both for ringing back after making an outgoing call. This is very convenient because outgoing and incoming calls can be used in different situations, for example, for advertising, work, or personal calls.

Receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls will significantly increase the level of service, increase sales, as well as the level of trust of customers and business partners.

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Caller id – what is it, and how does it work?

The Caller ID service reflects your outgoing number from the person you are calling. The received data makes it possible for him to call you back, you can also set up forwarding of virtual calls to a real phone number.

If you have connected several IP phones in different countries, then you can connect Caller ID by sending us the request to [email protected] as well. That is, when dialing a subscriber from a third country, one of the available numbers will be displayed. (Hottelecom does not guarantee the correct displaying of the phone number when using Caller ID feature)

An outgoing call is a valuable feature that has several advantages:

  • the ability to receive a return call from the subscriber;
  • affordable tariffs and clear settings for forwarding.

If you DO NOT USE Caller ID for outgoing calls, the number will not be displayed. This will help maintain confidentiality in many cases in order to protect yourself from annoying spam.

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Frequently asked questions about outbound calls

No, only your purchased virtual number can be used as a Caller ID.

To activate this option, please, contact our support team.

The price of outbound call is equal to the price of call forwarding of the incoming call to the real number of the needed country. Per-second billing.

Do outgoing calls from virtual numbers have any restrictions?

Despite a number of advantages, the outbound calling with the Caller ID service has certain nuances and limitations. This way, you can connect the identification of one virtual number for one SIP account.

Outgoing calls with Caller ID can only be made within the country to which the virtual number belongs, so if you have branches or offices in different countries, you will have to buy one more number (We do not guarantee constant correct displaying of you number with Caller ID feature). Concerning confidentiality and security, each HotTelecom client takes responsibility for calls made from his SIP account. For security purposes, you can bind a SIP account to a permanent IP address.

As for tariffs, they may differ from the cost of forwarding prices. Email or call our managers to clarify the current tariffs with Caller ID in a particular country.

The service is activated free of charge(by the request to our email, billing goes solely for outgoing calls.

The call prices below are the cost of outgoing calls without Caller ID service. The cost of outgoing calls with Caller ID is usually slightly higher. You can find out the exact prices for outgoing calls from Caller ID by sending a request to [email protected]

Price (USD)

Is there a difference between ANI and Caller ID?

Many people think that ANI and Caller ID are the same. In terms of their functionality, they are really similar, since they perform the main function – they automatically determine the number.

ANI is a more outdated technology, it works unstable. Caller id is a more modern standard that identifies an incoming call even before connecting.

The ability to identify outgoing calls and change the number significantly expands the options of virtual telephony, and also helps the owners of such phones to make communication more comfortable.

Besides, with Caller ID, the operator receives information about the calling subscriber in an undistorted form, and the ANI is built entirely on analog signals. A Caller ID identifies the number after picking up the phone, and a Caller ID carries out identification before connection.

How to connect a virtual phone number for outgoing calls?

To use the number for outgoing calls, you must have a SIP account. Caller ID service (provided for an additional fee) is added to it upon request to the support service. Thanks to it, the person you call will be able to call you back.

You can get your sip account online from the personal area on the HotTelecom website. Thanks to our company, you can set up and display your Caller ID for virtualnumbers during calls. If you have more than one SIP account connected, then you can set the Caller ID for each of them.

You can get a sip account in Hottelecom for free, for this, you need to buy a phone number for incoming calls. To do this, please go to our website, sign up, enter the necessary data (a type of service, country, region, tariff), top up the personal account, and start using it. Virtual telephony from Hottelecom is fast, profitable, and safe.

Reasons to buy a virtual number for outgoing calls in HotTelecom

The Caller ID service has many benefits, here are some of them:

  1. Your number will be displayed to the subscribers you are calling (with appropriate settings), and they will be able to call you back at a time convenient for them.
  2. All incoming calls are redirected to SIP for free.
  3. Outgoing calls are made at very competitive rates.

You can find out in more detail what outgoing calls are and how to connect a caller id in the Hottelecom support service. Our managers are always ready to answer your additional questions and help if you have any difficulties during registration. We can connect not only a number solely for outgoing calls but also a cloud PBX which also has a number of unique functions and capabilities. Hottelecom is ready to offer favorable rates to anyone interested in connecting an online number with numerous channels.

We guarantee the following to each of our clients:

  • protection of personal data;
  • prompt technical support assistance;
  • free SIP account;
  • numerous options for paying for services;
  • high-quality stable communication;
  • connection within a few hours.

To order this service, register in the personal account on the company’s website or send a request by mail. We guarantee the anonymity and protection of the personal data of each client.

Have questions about virtual number for outgoing calls?

Send e-mail, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.