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We provide cloud based PBX services in which businesses get single business number that gives access to all company employees and departments. With this service small enterprises get opportunity to use inexpensive business VoIP telephone service and become easily accessible to their customers. In China fitting, maintenance and up gradation of the system, comprehensively is handled externally so you don’t have to waste your time on any technical troubleshoot. You can centralize data management by using this virtually-driven procedure. Thus, advantages of hosted PBX services have outperformed the challenges of regular PBX.

We are one of the renowned cloud PBX service providers in China

We install virtual pbx with extensions in China. With this service businesses can send calls to anywhere in the world that can be forwarded to Skype, GoogleTalk, VOIP, landlines or mobile phones. On back of the benefits, businesses should replace their conventional PBX system with the present-day hosted set up. The online pbx service can be obtained at attractive prices with a one click sign up.

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