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Multiсhannel Numbers

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You can practically get unlimited amount of channels if you install multi channel DID set up in your corporation. This supports businesses in Kenya to use the number as an access-number and save big on long-distance cost of calls. In addition to this, it serves flexible, and affordable procedure, where many simultaneous incoming calls are expected on one DID number. It is a great way to monitor your phone presence. So, multi channel DID solution has proven to be critical for modern business operations.

Procure hassle-free multi channel phone system in Kenya

Business can maintain multi channel call system in order to receive calls in Kenya. DID number can transform the company to a multi functioning mechanism and includes a wide range of useful features like dial tone, hold, forwarding etc. Owing to the implementation of additional features like automated messages, call forwarding, and answering machine, small team can handle a high calls volume efficiently.

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