A digital Moscow phone number provides an excellent opportunity to start your business in the Russian capital without opening an office. This is an accessible and effective communication with clients, colleagues, and partners in Moscow with convenient call forwarding.

This is a modern, reliable, and secure telephone connection over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Thus, the service helps to use the promising opportunities of the metropolis to scale the business.

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Advantages of Moscow city phone numbers

This service has many advantages:

  1. Lack of georeferencing. Cloud telephony allows you to work remotely, without an office in Moscow and reference to a specific address. And when moving to another place, you can keep the existing digital subscriber number.
  2. Loyalty and high trust. Most of the clients have great loyalty to local firms with familiar subscriber numbers, and potential partners are more inclined to conclude deals. The capital telephone can enhance the image and prestige of the company.
  3. The efficiency of advertising campaigns. To develop a new market and promote goods and services, business representatives order promotions. The direct Moscow number will help strengthen the company’s position, regardless of the business direction.
  4. The convenient setting of call forwarding. Depending on your choice, calls can be received on a smartphone or landline phone, or on a computer to a softphone. 
  5. Organization of reliable and profitable communication. A virtual PBX means a multi-channel number, optimized communication costs, convenient statistics, a voice menu, and much more.

Buying a cloud subscriber number does not require laying cables or the installation of additional equipment. The connection is carried out by our specialist remotely in 1 working day. You do not have to issue contracts, stand in queues, and wait a long time for the service to start working.

Residents of Moscow will be able to call at the usual rates of their operators. Having bought a nice direct Moscow number with call forwarding, you can order all the necessary options in accordance with the specifics of your business.

For example, the Toll free or 800 function is convenient for servicing customers of online stores. When it is connected, incoming calls are paid by the owner of the subscriber number, and for incoming subscribers they are free.

This is a great opportunity to increase the prestige of the company and the loyalty of potential customers, turning them into real ones.

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How to buy a Moscow city number?

Digital telephony is a modern alternative to the traditional types of communication. Service activation is simple and quick:

  1. Register on our service or enter to your personal account, if you are already registered.
  2. Top up your personal account for the cost of the service and subscription for the selected period of time. 
  3. Select a virtual subscriber number from the suggested options, set forwarding settings. 
  4. Check all the data, complete the registration, and wait for confirmation by email. 
  5. After connecting, feel free to use all the advantages of the new subscriber number.

Such a direct Moscow number is no different from an ordinary one. The only difference is in the method of data transmission over the Internet and the presence of a forwarding system that redirects calls to the direction you choose.

Call forwarding can be to a smartphone, stationary device, virtual PBX, or SIP device. Also, VoIP allows you to use various additional options. Make sure to read them and connect the ones that will be useful to you.

Moscow City Landline Phone Numbers from HotTelecom

FAQ about Moscow Virtual Landline Phone Numbers?

→ register on the website;
→ Go to the VOICE NUMBER tab, choose Russia in the list of countries and Moscow in the list of cities;
→ top up your balance to the amount not less than the cost of the number (connection + monthly fee) and choose the direction of call forwarding;
→ Enclose the documents that your personal account asks for;
→ Complete the purchase and wait for a confirmation email.

Yes, it is. We provide 495 and 499 Moscow codes, you can connect any code you like.

Yes, you can. Calls will be forwarded to your current call forwarding destination, no matter what country you are in.

Outgoing calls are made not from the number, but from any softphone you choose. To do this you need to request our SIP data, which we provide free of charge after purchasing the number. Please note:
1. Outgoing calls are charged, their cost is not included into the virtual number rental fee. Charging per second (without caller ID) or per minute (with caller ID).
2. Outgoing calls is an additional service, which is not technically tied to the virtual number, not activated by default and can be connected on request by email.
3. Caller ID service is possible, but not guaranteed.

HotTelecom Cloud telephony functionality

Modern technologies have the following advantages:

  • cheap local, long distance, and international calls;
  • the ability to connect a subscriber number in another country or city;
  • preservation of the Moscow phone number after moving or on vacation;
  • recording and detailed call statistics;
  • creating a voice greeting; 
  • setting up incoming calls;
  • reliable confidential conference calls;
  • call filtering, “black” lists of incoming subscribers;
  • intensification of work processes and reduction of financial costs;
  • flexible manual settings and round-the-clock technical support of the service.

Extended functionality can significantly improve communication efficiency. You can greet incoming subscribers with an attractive melody, set up a work schedule by time and days of the week. You will be able to launch voicemail and monitor the quality of work of employees.

When you connect to the service, you can buy a Moscow phone number with an easy-to-remember combination of numbers. Any client can order such a service – an individual, a company, or a commercial institution.

And secure it to yourself, regardless of the location of the office and the owner of the subscriber number. You will always stay in touch and never miss a single important call.

Where a direct Moscow number can be bought?

HotTelecom is one of the leaders in the modern Internet telephony market. We work with individuals and legal entities around the world. And we help them to constantly stay in touch with their relatives, friends, partners, and clients.

We guarantee high-quality and safe telephone communication anywhere. And we provide comfortable and accessible communication for advertising campaigns, business scaling, and other purposes. Thanks to us, communication becomes truly limitless.

And all that is required for this is a reliable Internet connection. We care about the security of personal data and the confidentiality of communication.

Therefore, you can always be sure of both the reliability of your virtual Moscow landline number and the security of your Internet telephony.

Here are just a few of our undoubted advantages:

  • extensive experience since 2009; 
  • numbers of more than 90 countries of the world are available;
  • there are more than 100 payment methods;
  • the quick response of technical support to any questions.

It is convenient to activate the service if you are outside of Russia and plan to make calls to the Russian Federation. If you live in Russia, but often travel and need a stable connection.

Or you are in a Russian region far away from Moscow and want Moscow customers to be able to call you conveniently and cheaply. At the same time, subscribers will not even know about your location and call forwarding.

It is very easy to buy a direct Moscow number 495 or 499. We guarantee high-quality and reliable communication in any weather and season.

Thanks to additional functions, you will organize a functional call center and will not lose a single client. You will be able to analyze the work of operators and improve the quality of service.

And also significantly reduce your telephony costs. Our company will be happy to help you run a remote business in Moscow, communicate with local friends, and make your dreams come true!

Still have questions about landline numbers? Email us at [email protected] or call the numbers listed on the website.

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