The digital Kyiv landline phone number is convenient for receiving and making calls even without a personal presence in the capital of Ukraine. The service is connected as soon as possible online.

Since the signal is transmitted over the Internet, no additional equipment or dedicated lines are required to use the service. At the same time, the cloud phone has the full functionality of a regular landline subscriber number.

And you can use it anywhere without being tied to a specific address.

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Cloud telephony: features of Kyiv phone numbers

Modern technologies have made it possible to remove a number of restrictions on the usual telephone communication and have added new capabilities of a virtual PBX. For example, the virtual direct Kyiv telephone number 380 44 provides stable and fast communication with clients and partners.

It is a proven tool for communication and company development. And a flexible business solution to increase the dynamics of the sales of goods and services.

Also, digital telephone communication has the following advantages:

  • high quality, reliability, and safety of communication;
  • fast connection without signing contracts, without leaving home;
  • saving a subscriber number when moving to another office, city, and even country;
  • prompt and convenient replenishment of the balance in many different ways;
  • reduction of communication costs, international communication without roaming charges;
  • scalability and multi-channeling of digital service.

So, you can take a direct Kyiv number on mobile with you on a business trip or vacation and always stay in touch. The service works by forwarding calls, text messages, and faxes to the direction you specify.

All routing settings are configured in your personal account on our website. The call can be redirected to another landline or mobile phone. And also to an IP device or SIP application in a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Moreover, forwarding to a SIP account is free of charge, in other cases, the current tariffs are used. If necessary, you can change the direction of routing and provide the most convenient communication conditions.

Corporate clients should be interested in the virtual PBX service. It allows you to organize the external and internal communication of the company as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to a virtual PBX, you can manage the distribution of calls, connect a voice menu, store call statistics, hold video conferences, assign extension numbers, and much more. Optimization of communication costs will make it possible to redirect funds to the development of other important directions.

Most popular local landline numbers from HotTelecom

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Kyiv landline number: prospects and advantages

We offer to buy a Kyiv landline number and use it anywhere without opening an office in the capital of Ukraine. Today, about 4 million people and many large companies are located in the city.

In fact, every tenth resident of the country is from Kyiv. Like other large metropolitan areas, Kyiv attracts representatives of a wide variety of business areas.

Here, new projects get excellent prospects, and already operating firms can count on expanding the market for goods and services.

Due to a local number, you will be able to “test the waters” before opening a physical office in the capital. With its help, you will conduct an advertising campaign, organize a call center, and much more. Moreover, VoIP will allow you to conduct business remotely on an ongoing basis.

For example, you can place a cloud Kyiv phone number on the website of your online store. Or use it for business support. With a local number, you will ensure customer and partner loyalty.

Because they will have the impression that the call is being made within the same city. Also, such a service helps to improve the company’s image as having a representative office in the capital.

Kyiv Virtual Numbers from HotTelecom

FAQ about Kyiv Virtual Landline Phone Numbers?

→ register on the website;
→ Go to the VOICE NUMBER tab, choose Russia in the list of countries, Moscow in the list of cities;
→ top up your balance to the amount not less than the cost of the number (connection + monthly fee) and choose the direction of call forwarding;
→ Enclose the documents that your personal account asks for;
→ Complete the purchase and wait for a confirmation email.

Incoming calls can be forwarded to a SIP-account, Telegram account or phone number.

The minimum rental period for the voice number is 1 month. You can rent a number for 3, 6 or 12 months in one payment and get a discount.

Outgoing calls are not made from the number, but from any softphone of your choice. To do this you need to request our SIP data, which we provide free of charge after purchasing the number. Please note:
1. Outgoing calls are charged, their cost is not included into the virtual number rental fee. Charging is per second (without the definition of a number) or per minute (with the definition of a number).
2. Outgoing calls is an additional service, which is not technically tied to the rented number, not activated by default and can be connected on request by email.
3. Caller ID service is possible, but not guaranteed.

How to buy a nice direct Kyiv phone number +380 44?

To complete an online application and activate this service, you must do the following:

  1. Register on our website by filling out a short form. If you are already our client, please log into your personal account.
  2. Check out the terms of our work and the cost of the service, top up the balance, taking into account the required rental time.
  3. Choose your favorite mobile or landline number, set the forwarding settings, confirm and pay for the order.
  4. Wait for confirmation of purchase in the form of an email, make and receive phone calls freely.

According to statistics, IP telephony can reduce telephone costs by an average of 60–80%. This is an excellent solution for both private clients and businesses of any size – from a small startup to a huge corporation.

Connect a direct Kyiv number for company marketing

A virtual PBX can become an important marketing tool for your business. Its capabilities are useful for examining call analytics, identifying errors, and improving the efficiency of sales channels.

They also allow you to track the effectiveness of your ads and your marketing ROI. To do this, for each advertising channel, you need to create a separate subscriber number and test different messages with a call to action.

And thanks to detailed analytics, determine the most effective methods of influencing buyers.

By dividing channels by ad and geographic location, it becomes clear where customers are coming from. In addition, digital technology allows you to organize polls and voting, assigning a subscriber number to each answer option.

Reliable communication guarantees 100% reliable results since every vote will be taken into account.

What Hottelecom advantages are?

We offer to quickly and profitably buy a Kyiv number with call forwarding or use other digital telephony services. Thanks to many years of experience, we are ready to provide the best option for a package of services in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The company values its reputation and always cares about the interests of customers. Therefore, our service is of high quality and uninterrupted communication.

The developers have taken care of a convenient and simple site interface. And also about the security of personal data and the preservation of confidential information of users.

What else have we prepared for our clients:

  • more than 100 payment methods, you can use a bank card, electronic money, or cryptocurrency;
  • subscriber numbers in more than 90 countries, which allows each user to find a suitable service option;
  • clear signal regardless of the distance between subscribers, wide functionality of IP-telephony;
  • low cost of services, no need for the complex setup of digital services;
  • prompt connection and qualified round-the-clock support.

There are still questions – how to call a Kyiv number or order a service? Contact our support team and we will help you choose an effective solution for simple and profitable communication.

Still, have questions about landline numbers? Email us at [email protected] or call the numbers listed on the website.

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