HotTelecom Call Forwarding price list

Call Forwarding price list

To get the info regarding the price of call forwarding to landline or mobile phone number (For example: price of call forwarding to Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T or any other mobile provider), please choose forwarding destination from the list below. Call forwarding to SIP is free.

Call forwarding pricing
Direction Price

Or enter your phone number to display the price of forwarding immediately (enter number and tab Enter)

How to activate call forwarding option:

In your personal account, when buying a virtual number or, at any other time, after making a purchase, you select the type of call forwarding: phone number or SIP.


How does call forwarding work:

After that, as soon as you activate call forwarding option in your personal account and receive an incoming call (it does not matter, these are incoming calls in roaming or in your country), the following scheme will work:

Стоимость переадресации звонков
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