Disposable US Phone Number

A temporary US phone number is used to quickly receive messages without phone availability. In fact, this service is available anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet without a need for mobile coverage and the presence of a SIM card.

You can get SMS to an American temp number or receive it from any gadget that has access to the Internet.

Forwarding SMS reception can be configured at any time from your personal account. US numbers for receiving SMS are in demand among individuals as well as large companies and holdings. The main area of their ​​application is one-time user verification on a particular resource.

A virtual US phone number for SMS does not require identification, so it will help its owner maintain confidentiality and protect his mail from intrusive spam. Today, you can find dozens of services on the web that give anyone a temporary American number.

A distinctive feature of these numbers is that they start with +1 – this number corresponds to cities and states in the US.

How to use the US temporary number correctly?

Every person has a personal phone number, as well as accounts in various social networks, websites, webpages of banks and shops. However, for every new registration, many resources ask for a password or confirmation via SMS that comes to the phone.

Previously, such actions were a usual procedure but today it is unsafe and not very practical since you can become a victim of spam mailings or fraudsters.

Use a temporary US number for SMS to protect yourself from possible risks. It should be noted that this service is available not only in America but also in other countries as geographic referencing does not matter.

Although the US number for receiving SMS is issued for a short time, it brings many benefits. Using the phone number for SMS from the USA, bloggers, marketers, or SMS specialists actively promote groups and their channels, wind up likes, subscribers, in a word, they earn by promoting on the Internet without leaving home.

Even a beginner will be able to use the US phone for registration especially if you order this service from the HotTelecom provider. On its website, each user will be able to apply for the connection of telecommunications services, pay the tariff, make changes in the settings, etc.

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Frequently asked questions about US temp number

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

For this purpose, it is better to use SMS numbers on monthly rent basis. They will allow you to receive several messages for verification and confirmation of transactions.

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What else SMS services do we offer?

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What is a temporary US phone number?

In general, this is a specific phone number that can be used only once within a certain time. Most commonly, it is used to sign up on various sites, forums, when creating accounts and in other cases where user verification is required.

The subscriber takes an American number online for rent and uses it for 20-60 minutes (it will depend on the service tariff). During this time, he can use this number in any way. American temporary phone number operates through a cloud server without reference to a smartphone or mobile coverage.

If you also want to remain incognito and protect yourself from intrusive spam on your personal number, buy a US virtual number to receive SMS from HotTelecom.

Most often, the US temporary number is used in the following areas:

  • prompt verification using SMS;
  • registration on forums, online services, social networks;
  • creating additional accounts for mailing;
  • creation of new mailboxes, etc.

HotTelecom offers to purchase an American phone number for registration and pay for it in any convenient way, even with cryptocurrency. At the same time, you can keep your anonymity and no one will get access to the client’s data.

Sign up on the HotTelecom website, pay for the service, and use it for your own purposes. We guarantee that our US disposable numbers are protected from spam as they will become invalid as soon as they expire.

Disposable HotTelecom Numbers in Other Countries

United Kingdom

Why is it profitable to use an American virtual number for registration?

An American number for registration is a good option if you need to confirm certain actions via SMS, and at the same time forget about an annoying advertisement, promotions, and other spam.

Also, a virtual number for receiving SMS from the USA helps to protect your personal data from the hacking of fraudsters that can easily access passwords from personal accounts and other valuable information.

Having received an SMS to a US number, you will be able to address your issues in a few minutes: enter one or several sites, pass verification, receive text messages from other subscribers, etc. Important: only one user can receive SMS to a US number from Hottelecom – its owner.

Our company does not issue 1 number to several subscribers at once.

Despite a bunch of obvious advantages, there are a number of restrictions according to which a US phone number for registration must be used carefully. It is important to avoid active spam activity otherwise, your actions may be intercepted by law enforcement agencies and used against you.

Who can rent an American disposable number for SMS?

Despite the global development and strengthening of mobile coverage, many people become more confident in Internet technologies. Online communication is fast, high-quality, inexpensive, it has no borders and geographic references. There are many reasons why it is beneficial to use an American phone number for SMS:

  • desire to preserve confidentiality and remain incognito. Today, the majority of SIM cards are tied to a specific person (sometimes they are even issued according to a passport), in this regard a temporary American SMS number is safer and more autonomous;
  • the need to sign up on various resources. Even verified reliable sites that are trusted by numerous users can be compromised by hackers who can gain access to the personal data of thousands of people;
  • desire to protect yourself from spam. In order not to receive a stream of advertising messages with promotions, mailings, sweepstakes, use a US disposable number;
  • there is a need to bypass regional restrictions. Many mobile operators have certain limitations, especially it concerns foreign resources. For example, a person wants to sign up on a foreign currency exchange but there are constraints for clients from many Eastern European countries. In this case, you can use a temporary US number for SMS;
  • the need for different registrations. If a person is an active user of social networks, maintains several profiles, participates in promotions, and attracts new subscribers/customers/buyers, then it is unprofitable to have several SIM cards for such purposes. It will be much more beneficial to buy a US disposable number.

We do not recommend using a US virtual disposable number when registering in banking applications, electronic payment systems, and other financial structures that confirm their transactions via a short code in SMS.

What additional services does HotTelecom offer?

In addition to disposable numbers, with us, you can connect any version of American virtual phones following your personal wishes and financial capabilities.

On the HotTelecom website, you can order services such as US SMS number, 0800 numbers, virtual PBX, multichannel numbers, and fax numbers in the US.

To become our client and receive SMS to an American number, you need to sign up on our server, replenish your account, then in your personal account you need to select the country and type of service, city and operator code, and pay for the application afterward.

If you have any questions, you can always use the help of the support service via online chat, e-mail or phone.

The American phone number for registration is:

  • secure verification on the Internet;
  • anonymity and confidentiality;
  • large base of subscriber numbers;
  • affordable cost of tariffs;
  • high-quality stable work of the service;
  • round-the-clock automatic reception of messages anywhere in the world.

The possibility to receive SMS to an American number allows you not to be afraid of fraudulent actions regarding your real subscriber number. This is especially true on high-risk resources – game portals, dating sites, etc.

All services from Hottelecom are fully automated which excludes random mistakes of our clients, and also ensures continuous and stable server operation. We work with various payment systems, including online wallets, internet banking, Visa/Mastercard, cryptocurrency, etc.

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