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When signing up on different sites, forums, social networks, servers often ask you to confirm a particular action via an SMS that comes to the phone.

However, what should you do if you do not trust the site, do not want to share confidential information, want to remain incognito, or are afraid that your number will end up in the database of spammers and scammers?

In this case, you should buy a temporary phone number for SMS in Russia. Using it, you can receive and text messages without being tied to a smartphone.

The “Temporary Russian Number” service is available not only in the RF but also anywhere in the world regardless of the coverage of mobile operators and the presence of a SIM card.

Internet access is required to purchase a temporary number in Russia for the sake of a one-time reception of SMS. You can set the required forwarding in your personal account.

Such numbers for registration in Telegram, Facebook, and other instant messengers are in great demand among bloggers, SMM-specialists, and other people who maintain numerous accounts, promote groups, wind up likes, subscribers, in a word, earn by promoting on the Internet.

This unique communication service will help even a beginner to register any accounts which require SMS confirmation.

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Frequently asked questions about temp phone number Russia

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

For this purpose, it is better to use SMS numbers on monthly rent basis. They will allow you to receive several messages for verification and confirmation of transactions.

Didn’t find your question? Need a russian temp number? Please contact us via online chat or simply call to +19179638177 and our support team will gladly help you!

What is a temporary phone number in Russia?

In fact, it is a phone number that can be used once. Most commonly, it is used to sign up on various sites, create accounts, and in other cases where one-time user verification is required.

The user takes a disposable phone number to receive SMS in Russia for rent and uses it during 20-60 minutes.

You don’t need to buy a SIM card and a phone for it – all work takes place in the cloud service. Buying a +7 SMS number will allow you to maintain confidentiality and prevent sending spam to a real phone.

This service is available anywhere in the world, regardless of the coverage of mobile networks.

The main areas of receiving SMS to real numbers in Russia are as follows:

  • quick verification via SMS;
  • registration on forums, online services, social networks;
  • creation of “fake” mailing accounts;
  • creation of mailboxes and profiles on message boards.

Many telecommunications providers, including HotTelecom, offer to buy a disposable SMS number in Russia and pay for it in any convenient way, even with cryptocurrency.

At the same time, you can keep your privacy and no one will get access to the client’s data.

The service operates within a cloud service, so it is necessary to provide a stable high-quality Internet. It is handy that temporary numbers for SMS in Russia are independent of the coverage and tariffs of the mobile network.

Sign up on the HotTelecom website, pay for the service, and use it for your own purposes. We guarantee that our Russian SMS numbers are protected from spam, as they will become invalid as soon as they expire.

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What is the benefit of a disposable number for receiving SMS in Russia?

A disposable Russian number is the best assistant if you need to send confirmation via SMS.

You should not use a personal number for registration on sites, as there is a possibility that they will start sending advertisements, promotions, and other spam to it.

Also, the publication of a personal number paves the way for possible fraudsters who can get access to passwords from personal accounts.

In this case, it will be much safer to buy a disposable number in Russia. It will be possible to enter the site, input the password sent in just a few minutes, and then go about your business.

It is handy that a temporary phone number for receiving SMS in Russia is leased to only one user, and not to several at once.

You can use temporary numbers in Russia for any purpose, the main thing is to exclude illegal activity on the Internet and outside the network.

Otherwise, the provided data may be intercepted by law enforcement agencies and used against you.

Also, the disposable number in Russia can only be used through a browser or API.

Each Russian temporary phone number operates through a certain filter that blocks messages from services with a paid subscription, banks, online stores, etc.

Who can use temporary phone numbers in Russia?

In the modern world, communication tools are quite developed and widespread, however, despite the abundance of smartphones and mobile operators, many people periodically use disposable phone numbers in Russia.

There are quite a few reasons for this:

  • desire to preserve confidentiality and remain incognito. As a rule, most SIM cards are assigned to one or another person (sometimes they are even issued according to a passport), a temporary number in Russia in this regard is safer and more autonomous. Using a temporary phone in Russia, you can send an unlimited number of messages to different addressees for a certain time, while they will not be able to identify the full name, mail, location, and other data of the sender;
  • the need to sign up on various resources. Even proven reliable sites that are trusted by numerous users can do without your phone because there is always a risk that unauthorized persons can access the database;
  • desire to protect yourself from spam. If you do not want to receive a stream of advertising messages with promotions, mailings, pranks, and other unnecessary information, use a disposable number to receive SMS in Russia;
  • you need to bypass regional restrictions. Many mobile operators have certain limitations, especially it concerns foreign resources. For example, a person wants to sign up on an Asian trading exchange, but there are restrictions for clients from Russia and other Eastern European countries. In such cases, you can use disposable numbers with a reference to the United States, for example, and vice versa;
  • the need for different registrations. If a person is an active user of social networks, maintains several profiles, participates in promotions, it is not cost-effective to have several SIM cards for such purposes. It is much more profitable to buy a +7 SMS number.

You should not use a temporary phone number for SMS in Russia to link a bank card, since all financial transactions are confirmed through a short code, and using a disposable number, you will not be able to re-enter your personal account.

Having paid for the number, you will be able to freely transfer any documents, messages, presentations, pictures, and other files from your phone cheaper than at the rates of mobile operators.

What is a temporary number for receiving SMS in Russia?

To access the temporary number for SMS in Russia, there is a need to sign up on the HotTelecom website, go to personal account and make the necessary settings.

Our temporary phone numbers for SMS in Russia can be used for both personal and business purposes. The price of 1 number is only $1.

It is simple, profitable, safe, and economical to work with HotTelecom company! Our company has an extensive list of services for connecting Internet telephony. Thanks to our services, each client will receive a bunch of advantages:

  • financial benefit. Temporary mobile numbers in Russia make it much cheaper to send SMS or make calls abroad compared to mobile operators;
  • user-friendly intuitive interface, which functions can be understood by any user
  • 100% confidentiality guarantee. We do not store your personal data and do not transfer it to third parties.

If you decide to order a temporary Russian SMS number from us or if you have any questions during registration, you can use the help of the HotTelecom technical support service.

Temporary numbers for registration in Russia provide users with ample opportunities to receive messages without verification.

Our provider does everything to create high-quality stable communication without interference for its subscribers in 90 countries of the world, as well as to promptly solve emerging difficulties.

Our service is aimed at long-term fruitful cooperation with each client. Many subscribers choose HotTelecom due to a number of its advantages:

  • wide range of services;
  • the possibility to use virtual telephony in more than 100 countries around the world;
  • inexpensive phone numbers for different purposes;
  • high quality of communication;
  • affordable tariff plans
  • round-the-clock technical support for clients.

You can deposit a subscription fee for connecting HotTelecom services in any convenient way.

We work with electronic wallets, popular payment systems, internet banking, Visa/Master Card, cryptocurrency, etc. If needed, you will be consulted by our specialist who will confirm your account, check the connection to the service, and answer any questions.

If desired, you will be able to additionally connect with us such services as an SMS number in Russia, 0800 numbers, a virtual PBX in the RF, multi-channel numbers, as well as fax numbers.

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