View virtual SMS numbers of Poland and Estonia for your use here

 Are you planning to create an account at online service or social network? Virtual SMS number is the best solution.

There are at least two reasons for that:

  • it is upgrading the level of anonymity;
  • it is just more convenient than an usual SIM card.

Estonia and Poland are friendly countries for business. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs are looking for registering companies there. Many of them need to create corporate accounts at social networks (that will be managed by different people from different locations).

HotTelecom company offers virtual SMS numbers of Poland and Estonia on monthly basis. This decision will satisfy main demands of the modern business.

They will enable you to:

  • register at social networks and messengers;
  • register at different online services worldwide;
  • confirm the accounts that were created using the numbers;
  • receive SMS from all the subscribers worldwide;
  • send messages to any location in the world;
  • manage the number in multi-user mode remotely

The ability of different employees from different places to save messages on one email will be the important advantage of the number. It will save some time and energy for the owner of the business and for the employees as well.

The price for both numbers is equal and includes:

  • Connection fee – 15$;
  • Monthly fee – 15$;
  • Forwarding of the incoming SMS to email – for free;
  • Sending outbound SMS – depending on the destination country.

To purchase a number you need to register at our website and perform the order.