Hottelecom news: Avail special prices for virtual numbers of Iran and Kuwait today

Avail special prices for virtual numbers of Iran and Kuwait today

The prices of virtual numbers of Iran and Kuwait have been drastically cut down.


Iran Kuwait

Kuwait and Iran are very closed countries, so making business with the local partners is rather complicated thing. Virtual numbers from Hottelecom company make things easier!

We reduce the prices for these numbers, now they are more affordable than ever before! Hurry up to use the opportunity, and make your business easier today.

The number of Kuwait costs:


  • 20$ - setup fee;
  • 55$ - monthly fee;
  • 5000 free minutes of forwarding to SIP per month! (afterwards - 0.06$/min).


The number of Iran costs:


  • 20$ - setup fee;
  • 30$ - monthly fee;
  • call forwarding to SIP - 0.03$/min


Copy of your ID and your address in written form are needed for us to connect the number.

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