Discover the benefits of a Multiple virtual phone number

The development of new technologies is caused by the necessity of fast data communication for a big amount of people. Multichannel phone numbers, which let you to receive several simultaneous calls are among useful inventions.

This service has a wide users field, it is necessary for developing business and can be used for personal usage. The instrument makes the connection between the subscribers easier, faster and more reliable.

What is multichannel number?

It is a number, that help to receive several calls at the same time, and they will be forwarded to different phones. Client, who connects multichannel number service, creates the list of phone numbers for forwarding, as a rule. Incoming call will be forwarded to the free subscriber. Such systems are usually used at the offices. Contacts of the company are published at the websites, advertisements and business cards. The incoming calls are divided among the officers or agents of the call-centers.

Multichannel number could be virtual as well, this service is provided by the range of service companies. This technology is also used for making easier the connection between subscribers and create the effect of physical presence of the office at the certain region. Virtual number could be with the code of any country. For example, you can use Canadian landline number in Russia. The call for the Canadian citizens will be the same to the domestic calls.

Using spheres of multichannel network

Most of companies, which are interested in new clients face the problem of organization of network. Big companies, which provide popular services and items, have to receive huge amounts of calls daily. Rather often the risk of losing potential customers, because of not getting their calls, appeared. That’s why owners of the business are interested in multichannel phone number.

This technology let you to organize call-centre – clients will call to the company and hear the greetings and connect with operator for solving different problems. For creating of the automatic telephone system (ATS) is used. The technology is simple – calls to the number are received by the free employees. If all operators are busy, the subscriber will remain in queue.

The main field of applying of multichannel numbers – business. Service is needed for communicating with clients, partners, investors, different services. Telephony will become rather significant competitive strength and important element of the public company image. However, multichannel number can be used by private persons as well. This service is actual for the owners of several phones with active SIM-cards – you can connect one SIM to another SIMs.

The service is connected with using of automatic telephone system First way is related with charges for the equipment and support. Also, common ATS has limited capacity – each regional office needs own technical equipment. The usage of virtual ATS is easier and more comfortable – the supplier provides you with the equipment at their office and your company just make needed settings in it.

Types of multichannel numbers

Multichannel numbers is divided in three groups: landline numbers, numbers starting with 8-800 or 8-804. All of them has its own benefits:

  • 8-800 — is popular among the international companies, perfectly fitted for call-centers and hotlines. The main benefit of such number is that subscribers do not pay for outbound call to it (doesn’t depend on the location of the client). Connection fee is the only weak point of this type, however, using of virtual ATS, this charges can be reduced.
  • 8-804 — is mostly similar to 8-800, but has one difference – the subscriber see the number while outbound call. So, it will be able to see missed call from the number and call back. Also, 8-804 numbers are cheaper.
  • Landline number — perfect choice for the companies, that want to earn customer loyalty. Landline number make an public image of reliable company and allow to reduce charges for the calls. Weak point of the service is that clients from other regions will avoid calls, because of high connection fee. Choice of the best variant depends on the needs of the company.

How to connect multichannel number?

To connect multichannel number, you need to choose the provider, buy the equipment. (PC and the phone with connection to the Internet is enough), choose the number and the tariff. The connection of the multichannel number requires making settings of the equipment and of virtual ATS (special apps for the PC or phone is needed). Also, you’ll have to set up forwarding and the other parameters. The company can forget about the occupancy of the line and receive calls from all the clients.

It is important to choose reliable provider for the long-term cooperation. The range of multichannel numbers is also an essential moment.