Prices for Moscow phone numbers become lower!

A large number of companies around the world today are looking for direct contact with their client in Moscow. Hottelecom Moscow virtual phone number 495 or 499 makes this task easier!

Business can easily get into the phone book of your Moscow client with such a phone number, while Hottelecom makes it possible to do this at affordable prices. We have reduced the price for the Moscow virtual number with 499 code to 10 dollars for connection fee and 10 dollar as a monthly fee.

The Moscow phone number with the older code 495, which potentially increases customer loyalty, has now become more profitable! Only for 10 dollars of connection fee and 12 dollars of monthly fee, you’d get a phone number with a code, as in the Moscow offices of Deloitte, Apple, Samsung, other large corporations and banks.

In the case of wholesale purchase of Moscow phone numbers, prices become even lower. You can obtain more detailed information on wholesale purchases by contacting us in an online chat or at our email: [email protected]