Integration setup for Bitrix24

Official Integration of Hottelecom Hosted PBX with Bitrix24 CRM is capable to work without any extra modules and intermediaries, ensuring maximum connection quality and reliability. The integration provides additional functions and capabilities when working with CRM.

Integration functions:
  • One-click calls from Bitrix24 with a phone number 
  • Popping-up customer card for incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Automated call forwarding to the responsible manager 
  • Ability to listen to conversation records in Bitrix24 
  • Call Statistics 
  • Automated new lead (deal) creation when receiving a call from an unknown number 
  • Display of Customer name (Caller ID)  in softphone or IP-phone 

How does it work?

With an incoming call, the Hosted PBX registers the call on the Bitrix24 portal, which shows a pop-up card at the time of registration. When the call is over, the data about the call and the audio recording of the conversation are transferred to Bitrix24. As a result, Bitrix24 creates a call in the CRM feed, in the customer card, creates a task if the call is missed, and takes the call into account in analytics. Also, Bitrix24 can create a lead if it does not exist and such an option is set.

Setting instructions

  1. On your HotTelecom personal page open the “VIRTUAL NUMBERS” tab. Afterward, open “Settings” of the rented number. 
  1. Set up call forwarding as follows. In the input fields, you need to enter the phone number. Also, you can enter the number only in the first field and activate the “voicemail if there is no answer” checkbox.
Hottelecom - call forwarding
  1. Open the “SIP AND IAX CONFIGURATIONS” tab, select the configuration type “SIP” and press the “REQUEST SIP ACCOUNT” button. Make the number of requests for SIP accounts you need, based on the number of your managers. When SIP accounts are provided to you, it is necessary to set up softphones (SIP phones) with the data of these SIP accounts. This data could be found in the “SIP AND IAX CONFIGURATIONS” tab. 
  1. Login to Bitrix24 with an Administrator account. In the navigation menu on the left, select “Applications”. Be careful, some items, including “Applications”, could be hidden and in order to expand the menu and see them, sometimes you need to click on the “More…” button. 
  1. Go to the “Webhooks” page. Reaching is also possible by searching “Webhook” in the search field.
  1. In the opened “Webhook” window click on the “ADD WEBHOOK” button. Then select “Inbound webhook” in the dropdown menu. 
  1. On the next stage enter the name and description for the incoming webhook. Check the boxes at least in the following fields: Users, Telephony (telephony), Telephony (outbound calls), CRM. Press “SAVE”.
  1. Next, save the created URL to send it to us later. This URL will be used to authorize the Webhook in Bitrix24. This will allow you to accept incoming calls forwarded from a virtual number to a given direction, and reflect them in Bitrix24 CRM. 
  1. In order to add employees/managers to Bitrix24, go to the navigation menu on the left and select “Employees”. Go to the “ Employees” page after and press the “INVITE EMPLOYEES” button. In the following window, you will be able to choose the way to invite your employees, for example, with the fast registration link, email invitation, or you can fill in the employee’s data and specify the email by yourself.
  1. After inviting and adding every manager, you would have to save their IDs which are assigned by Bitrix24.In order to do this, one by one open managers’ profile with their contact information. At the end of the website URL, you will find the manager’s ID. Save it to send us later by email.
  1.  Next, fill out an email request in casual format to  The subject of the email should be the Bitrix24 Integration connection. In the email body enter: 
  • Your personal HotTelecom ID
  • Incoming WebHook URL (Par. 8)
  • The ID of every added manager (Par. 10)

After that, please wait for an email reply. In the reply you will find a “Handler address” link, you will need while creating an Outbound webhook. (Par. 13)


  1.  Proceed to the “Webhook” page again. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by searching “webhooks” in the search field. Next, add a webhook, this time it should be outgoing.
  1. Paste the URL you received by email into the “Handler Address” input field. Also, make “External phone call start(ONEXTERNALCALLSTART)” field active. Press “SAVE”. 

Attention! When you change the password in your HotTelecom Personal Account, the hash in the Handler’s Address – the URL you received by email – will also change. In case you need to change a password, we recommend doing this before an integration setup. Otherwise, outgoing calls will not work and you will have to request a new Handler Addresses link.

  1. For integration setup completion, you will need to set up outgoing calls. In the navigation menu on the left go to the “Telephony” section, then “Telephony settings” > “General settings”.
  1. In the “Default number for outgoing calls” block click “Application: Event handler: your virtual number” in the dropdown menu. Press “SAVE”. If this menu has no options available, it means that the webhook you picked has never been used before. You can clarify this issue in the technical support chat or by e-mail. 

Attention! In the HotTelecom Account, a virtual number (internal, non-geographic) will be added for each manager. They could be found in paragraph 1. We would not recommend you adjusting such numbers by yourself, and certain rules for forwarding calls to managers are discussed upon request by email. The settings of the purchased virtual number will become completely inaccessible due to the configured integration with Bitrix24 CRM. On this stage, you can only add a name to the number. You can find out how to set up a softphone (SIP phone) on our website.

  1. The integration of HotTelecom Hosted PBX with Bitrix24 is set up. To make and receive calls, make sure that your softphone is set up and your SIP account is registered on the server (online status). Otherwise, Incoming call forwarding and outgoing calls will not work. In order to make an outgoing call, just press the button with the phone picture near the number. Such buttons could be, for example, on pages like Leads, Contacts, Call details, as well as in the contact details. You can display a column with a phone on the “Contacts” page by setting it up with the gear-shaped icon.

With an incoming call, you will see a customer card with a phone number and contact details. You will receive a call itself from your softphone. The card is of a notification nature, so it can be closed immediately, or it will close itself after the call ends. With a pop-up card, managers will immediately understand if a new or existing client is calling, they will be able to see the history of communication, his transactions, the average transaction value.

When receiving a call from a new contact, a lead is created in one click, or automatically.

If a contact is assigned to a corresponding employee, all further incoming calls from the same contact will be forwarded to this employee. After the call ends, the conversation recording will be attached to the contact’s profile.

Also, the record could be displayed on the “Call detailing” page, configuration of the columns displaying it is possible through the gear-shaped settings icon.

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